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How to use Corflute Signage to Deliver Your Message Simply and Effectively

February 07, 2018 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Corflute signage has been a great addition to the signage arsenal as it boasts a lightweight, versatile signage body that is made from corrugated plastic or corriboard. It presents a rigid, flat surface that can be applied virtually anywhere and by anyone.

At Mesh Direct we are very flexible and are more than willing to customise your corflute signs according to all your needs. Our corflute signage is fully UV stabilised and with the proper care can be used for years. We use the highest quality inks available and our corflute signage is printed directly onto substrate on 3mm or 5mm thick bases.

Its success and popularity can be partly attributed to its versatility. It can be used in short or long-term projects such as real estate signs, promotional signs, construction site signs, building site signs, compliance signs, tradesman site signage, building site warning signs, security company signs, trade show display signs, in-store promotional, safety, warning signs and first aid signs.

Corflute signage has become an incredibly effective form of signage as it can pretty much placed anywhere and is quite commonly been placed on fences, light poles, buildings which allows it to have high exposure to large crowds.

It is an incredibly informative and/or marketing tool that in essence is a very simple and easy form of advertising. There are no restrictions on the colour you can use in your design which enables you to convey your brand or message in whichever way you see fit. It’s easily applicable as it can affixed to any flat surface using adhesive tape, glue, screws or nails. It can also be easily attached to fencing through metal eyelets in each corner.

It is also an option that will not break the bank and remains a relatively cost effective form of signage. It can replace expensive substrates such as aluminium panels or colour-bond signage. This low-cost form of plastic signage is economical and inexpensive, perfect when needing bulk supplies.

It’s durability is a majorly attractive feature of corflute signage as it is waterproof and the materials used to make it means that your message will appear perfectly no matter the weather. Corflute retains ink well and will only start to fade after years of exposure to UV. Corflute board is exceptionally strong, it is impossible to tear by hand and will take a beating when bumped into.

For more information, be sure to give our experts a call on 1300 368 978.

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Why You Should Have Festival and Events Signage and Banners

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Here at Mesh Direct, we specialise in large format festival and events signage. We’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, and have worked with numerous music festivals and sporting events on a regular basis. Which is why we understand the importance of using this type of signage and banners. Have you heard about large format printing for events but don’t know if it’s right for you?

Let’s dive into three reasons why you should have signage and banners at your next festival or event…

1. Take advantage of advertising space

With signage and banners across your event site, you can take advantage of otherwise under utilised, high value advertising space. From mesh banner fencing, stage signage and crowd control barriers, we can guarantee there’s definitely room for advertising your brand.

Our numerous mesh products and fencing options allow you to make the absolute most of these areas. Products like mesh banners allow you to put advertising in places where you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. These areas are usually in high traffic, high exposure positions, which helps get as many sets of eyes on your branding as possible.

2. Create a uniform look across your site

Another advantage to using festival and events signage and banners around your site is that they create a uniform aesthetic which looks both impressive and professional. Tying the look of an event together with uniform branding across all signage solutions is a great way to get your business’ name out there.

However, in addition, a uniform aesthetic also makes your brand, your event and/or your festival more reputable. It potentially provides you with the opportunity to reach new audiences, and potentially new clients.

3. Brand awareness

On a similar note, another reason you should have festival and events signage and banners is to create brand awareness for your company and/or product.

Utilising otherwise under-utilised, high traffic areas for your branded signage and banners can help create awareness of your festival or event with an entirely  new audience.

Festival and Events Signage Recommendations

So, as Mesh-experts, what products do we recommend that you use in order to create the best possible results with your festival and events signage?

We recommend using a winning combination of our most popular products across your entire event. These products include: premium mesh banners, crowd control barriers, mesh fence panels and media walls.

The draw card for festivals and events are that they’re entire experiences, and our products can help that experience be more uniform and wholesome for all involved.

If you’d like more information on how Mesh Direct can help you master your festival and events signage, be sure to drop us a line here, or give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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5 Tips to Ensure a Perfect Banner Installation on Temporary Fencing

5 Tips to Ensure a Perfect Banner Installation on Temporary Fencing

September 01, 2015 / in Blog / by Mesh Direct / No Comments

Your beautifully printed banner mesh has cost you a bit of money but is now all set to repay you in conveying your message –  you just need to install it. Installing banners on fencing is usually a fairly simple task if you know some basic tips and the cornerstone of those tips is tension. A banner that is crooked, sagging or flapping in the breeze can be more damaging than helpful, displaying a lack of care and sloppiness.

Here are some simple tips to ensure you get the best visual result from your next installation:

  1. Purchase the correct substrate and size for your project.  We recommend you always leave some space between the height of the fence and the vertical banner dimension. Our knowledgeable sales consultants will guide you to pick an ideal size and substrate depending on various factors such as wind load, size of fencing, how long you would like to use the banner for etc.
  2. Plan the installation when you can have someone else to help you and weather conditions are favourable.
  3. Use the correct installation method. Cable ties should be interlaced through the grommets and fencing.
  4. The banner should be tightened to the perfect tension ensuring your message displays on a flat canvas
  5. Maintain your banner by regularly checking the tension and making any adjustments as necessary.

This is a great time-lapse video showcasing the installation of a mesh banner at Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre in Sydney’s Inner West.

At Mesh Direct, we can provide a professional installer to do the job for you if you prefer. Please see our installation service page for more details or contact us on 1300 368 978 or visit

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Anti-Graffiti Coating: How to Protect Your Signage

Anti-Graffiti Coating: How to Protect Your Signage

August 15, 2015 / in Blog / by Mesh Direct / No Comments

Graffiti and tagging on banners, hoarding and billboards is an unfortunate reality these days. When you install a banner you might want to think about taking precautionary steps to limit your risks of the costly effects of vandalism.

Graffiti vandals can strike anywhere at anytime, even in respectable areas where graffiti is rare. These pests use a wide variety of pens, spray cans and other implements, all of which can be used directly onto mesh or solid vinyl substrates. The cost of graffiti removal can quickly run into thousands of dollars, if possible at all. To remove the graffiti you need to use a solvent which will most likely remove the ink your banner is printed with.

What can you do to protect your signage?

Anti-graffiti coating is one way of protecting your signage investment. At Mesh Direct, we offer only the best graffiti protection provided by Adcoat Graphic Solutions. Adcoat Tuffcoat anti-graffiti coating is available in two variations which differ between levels of graffiti protection. Both are applied to signage after printing by a special liquid coating machine.

The anti-graffiti coating comes in both gloss and matt finishes. Not only does Adcoat Tuffcoat offer the ability to easily clean graffiti off printed banners but it creates an outstanding finish making images and text jump off the substrate.

Adcoat Tuffcoat graffiti coating makes graffiti removal quick and simple without damaging the inks. Adcoat Tuffcoat anti-graffiti coating adds a layer above the original ink, this layer is not impervious to graffiti but it does mean that your signage can be easily restored to its original glory. This is hugely effective in areas of high vandalism activity. Rather than reprinting the entire sign or sections of it, it can be simply cleaned. Over the course of some projects, this would run into the tens of thousands.

Features and Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Coating

  • Resists scuff marks, graffiti, gummy adhesive tapes and all stains
  • Easy to clean with water
  • UV protection
  • Weather resistant
  • Non-stick, slippery coating
  • Mildew and mould resistant
  • Durable
  • Non-sacrificial (does not lose its properties after cleaning)
  • 4 years of graffiti and fade free protection with a 60 micron coating.

Adcoat Tuffcoat anti-graffiti coating is not for everyone or every banner installation. The price of the initial application could double the price of your order but in areas where repeated vandal attacks are likely this is a small price to pay relative to replacement or repair costs. Decision makers will need to weigh up the risks of using Adcoat Tuffcoat anti-graffiti coating but in some cases it is not only desirable but it is virtually mandatory.

We strongly recommend using Adcoat Tuffcoat anti-graffiti coating to protect vinyl covered hoardings against graffiti, particularly when the hoarding is easily accessed and in an urban area. On large scale projects that will last 18 months plus there is a possibility that graffiti vandals will attack your expensive signs multiple times and then the cost of the coating seems relatively cheap compared to replacement costs.

To find out more about protecting your signage with Adcoat Tuffcoat, contact Mesh Direct – 1300 368 978 or visit

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