Construction Safety Signage: Why It’s a Must-Have

November 15, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Construction safety signage is an absolute must-have, which is something we delved into earlier this year in light of a number of accidents on development sites.

Here at Mesh Direct, we’re incredibly passionate about the safety protocols in the construction industry. We supply hundreds of businesses every year with the most durable, high quality construction safety signage in Australia.

But let’s drill down into why having this sort of signage is vital to any development or construction site…

1. Comply with government laws

Every state has their own laws that must be complied with when it comes to construction safety signage. You may be required to have a range of signs such as: hard hat areas, eye safety signs, crane safety signs, scaffold tags, and signs that are specific to the dangers and protocols of your particular job site.

You need to be familiar with the government laws of your state regarding which safety signage applies to your business and your development.

2. Protect your workers

Something you should be constantly concerning yourself with is the safety of your workers. You need to make sure they are taking every precaution to avoid injury.

Injured workers not only risk delaying your project, but can be potential cause for legal action and damaging the reputation of your business.

The last thing you want is for injury or death to occur on your site. When it comes to construction safety signage, you need to make sure that every law is followed to a T.

3. Protect your business

In a similiar vein, using the correct construction safety signage helps protect your brand, your development and the reputation on your business.

In an industry like construction or development, you need a stellar reputation to maintain client retention and win new contracts. By extension, adhering to government laws about safety signage on site helps contribute to your overall reputation for doing things right.

Workers, project managers and developers will all appreciate that construction safety signage isn’t something they have to worry about.


Here at Mesh Direct, we offer a range of high quality, affordable options for creating construction safety signage. Click here to learn about coflute, the most popular medium for safety signage.

Alternatively, give us a call on 1300 368 978 to discuss your options.

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Prospec - Printed Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth Printing: Top 3 Uses

November 08, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

As grand format printing specialists, shade cloth printing is one of the formats we specialise in here at Mesh Direct. Shade cloth (also known in the industry as ‘scrim’) is an affordable fence signage and coverage option for those in the construction and development industries. Because of its practical, durable nature, it has a variety of uses across a range of different industries.

Created from a permeable substrate, shade cloth is perfect for the harsh (and often windy) Aussie climate. The perforated design allows wind loads to pass through the material, ensuring light and low risk loads on the attached structure.

Shade cloth also comes in full printed shade cloth, half printed and plain shade cloth options, so you can make it work for whatever your purpose is.

Speaking of purposes, let’s get to the top 3 uses for shade cloth printing…

1. Temporary fence signage & branding

By far the most common usage of shade cloth printing is for temporary fence signage and branding. Developers and event coordinators alike often make the most of the under-utilised advertising space shade cloth provides.

This is a fantastic way to create brand recognition for your company, and to advertise any upcoming developments or events.

2. Block out view from street

Another common use for shade cloth printing, is for use as a device to block out the view of construction sites from the street. There’s nothing more unsightly than an untidy development site. Often the site is in disarray, with equipment strewn about the place as well as uncovered scaffolding as an eye sore.

Shade cloth, particularly printed shade cloth is a great option for containing the mess and disorganisation of a construction site, and ensuring that your development looks as professional as possible.

3. Contain dust

Finally, another of the top uses for shade cloth printing jobs is to contain dust, and for hygiene purposes. Often throughout the lifespan of a development, things like materials are cut and moved on site, and dust can accumulate. The best developers are concerned with the comfort and safety of the general public, and so often employ shade cloth to contain the dust from the site, and for other hygiene purposes.


Shade cloth has numerous other benefits as well. It’s cheap and accessible, making it perfect for one off projects. Practically anyone can use and install it, which means it’s great from just about everything from garden renovations to large scale developments.

For more information on shade cloth printing, click here, or give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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Gentlemans Ride Corflute Signage from Mesh Direct

Corflute Signs: Why You Should Use Them On Site

October 11, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Here at Mesh Direct, we’ve produced corflute signs for some of the biggest developments, construction sites, festivals and events around the country. Corflute is also referred to as corrugated plastic signage or corriboard and is a rigid, flat substrate that can be applied practically anywhere. It’s a lightweight and versatile signage option, and is easy to install on any structure, including walls, fences and hoarding.

But why should you use corflute signs on site? We’ve asked our experts to delve into the nitty gritty of why corflute makes the ideal signage solution for your construction site.

1. Perfect safety and directional signage

Every construction and development site, not to mention festival and event site, need adequate safety and directional signage. This is the signage that tells patrons and workers where the amenities are, where particular gates are located, and the appropriate dress code for the site.

Corflute can also be used for things like price lists and menus at events, as well as for vital signage like emergency points and first aid tents. Our corflute signage has also been used in the past for; retail (e.g. sales signs, parking signs and staff signage), government (including election campaigns), real estate advertisements, construction industries (including excavation and demolition), councils (e.g. safety signs, security signs and community information message signs) as well as events and different types of festivals (e.g. gate signs, trade stalls, amenities etc.).

This type of signage is also a great way for companies to advertise their brands, and be able to deliver messages both in indoor and outdoor environments. Corflute signage is an incredibly adaptable advertising option. The colour possibilities are endless, and allow you to express your message in any way that you desire.

2. Durable signage solution

One of the great benefits of using corflute signage is how durable it is. Corflute signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are fully UV stabilised. With proper care, our signage can be used for years. We use the highest quality inks available and our corflute signage is printed directly onto substrate on 3mm or 5mm thick bases.

It’s also easy to customise and cut to the required size.

We’ve supplied seasonal events all around Australia with corflute signs that they use time and time again.

3. Easy to install

Another advantage to corflute signage is that it’s affordable and easy to install. Often seen in the outside environment being nailed to electricity poles, our corriboard signage option is one that designed for a simple install.

Our clients have the option of using adhesive tape, glue, screws or nails. Our corflute can be easily fixed to any flat surface and can also be easily attached to fences using metal eyelets in each corner.


Want to know more about how corflute signs can work for your construction site? Give our experts a call on 1300 368 978.

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Printed Shade Cloth Freyssinet by Mesh Direct

5 Reasons to Choose Printed Shade Cloth For Your Construction Site

December 01, 2016 / in Blog / by Jack Kemp / No Comments

Printed shade cloth otherwise referred to as ‘printed scrim’ has set the construction advertising industry alight for its ability to instil the dream combination of the perfect tradeoff between quality vs budget. It has become the perfect advertising tool due to its ability to set a smooth aesthetically pleasing display around the construction site. A great feature of printed shade cloth is its printing flexibility and versatility which allows you to showcase and paste an unlimited amount of text or visual images as you please. Shade cloth is particularly suited to the long runs around the perimeter of a construction site for a number of reasons.

  • Printed shade cloth is incredibly affordable and is the cheapest entry level product. Despite this it is an incredibly durable product and many contractors use shade cloth along their infrastructure sites where long runs are needed due to it being very cost effective and practical.
  • It has button hole eyelets for installation, which appear at the top of the banner. Made from knitted monofilament polythene, it is durable and only has a stretching factor of around 2-3% ensuring the sign will not droop over time after installation. It also has a density level of 70% which allows for great quality print while the open weave nature allows it to handle high wind areas with ease. hence being very popular for outdoor advertising.
  • The installation and transportation isn’t at the peril of the client as shade cloth can be quickly and easily applied to temporary fencing via cable ties. Shade cloth is a very flexible option and can be installed on scaffolds, temporary fences, chain wire fences as well as building facades. The process is ideal, particularly for what you pay for and the lifespan on a busy working site is anticipated to be 6-12 months.
  • It has unreal practicality, not only is it budget friendly but it is highly practical as it is a permeable structure allowing wind to pass through easily, creating light loads on the structure to which it is attached. It’s versatility as it can incorporate your business logo, colour schemes and fonts and it is because of this shade cloth is a very popular method of construction site advertising or scaffold branding, although it is often seen at music festivals, sporting events, retail sites, community and school locations and large scale events of all types
  • Shade cloth fabric also complies with all OH&S requirements and obligations under the relevant Australian Standards AS 4768 – 2007.

Shade cloth boasting attributes of great print quality and reproduction which ensures a consistent pattern of the company logo that remains consistent and runs along the whole length of the product. Shade cloth will increase brand visibility and awareness and prompt customers to make contact with your company.

To find out more information about one of our most popular products, please call 1300 368 978 to speak to a Mesh Direct team member.

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Prospec - Printed Shade Cloth

How to Create a USP for Your Construction Business

November 01, 2016 / in Blog / by Doodles / No Comments

A USP (unique selling proposition) is the basis of effective marketing for any construction business, converting features of your company into key benefits that consumers will recognise. All aspects of your marketing system should pinpoint to your unique selling proposition; for customers to detect why you are different and better than the rest. Every business can benefit from having a USP, particularly new business owners. USPs help clientele identify your company as a reliable and professional source, contributing to profit.

A clear and creative USP will establish your business as the go-to business as the go-to resource for your clients needs and should be advertised in your website or printed banners with and eye-catching, easy to follow design; including testimonials and relevant images of your work. This reinforces who you are and what you do, generating reviews and referrals that will potentially lead to loyal clients. Your USP is what drives your company and ultimately the success of the business. All based around differentiation, USP’s require a reflection overview and discussion.

Questions that you should ask yourself are:
1. What characteristics and values does my business offer to construct a USP?
2. What makes my business more valuable and visible than your competitors in this highly ambitious market?

Although, for consumers to really grasp the concept of your USP, converting the features into benefits is key. This way they will understand what your service or product does, but also what they will gain from it; creating a better customer client relationship, therefore generating a sales lead. One way of forming a USP is to research your competitors and identify what they have to offer. This could give you a useful insight into their attitudes, politics and priorities. It is healthy competition, allowing all businesses to create and distinguish their very own USP, leading to a competitive advantage and greater profitability.

One of the most harmful things for a new business owner is not proposing a unique and creative selling proposition to their target audience, and researching their competitors to try and achieve this. In these selling points, besides from the obvious – ‘What do you offer and why are you different?’, you should talk about different angles of customers possible concerns or questions. This way you are tackling the situation head on, giving them all the information they need. Promotional and price strategies are always going to be the most common in the competitive market. However, the quality of the product or service you are promoting allows you to have a huge advantage; this adheres to the recognition or product recall of the company. When your objectives are clear and concise, your primary mechanism for your USP should include all forms of advertising on social media, local papers, and outdoor advertising.

With a USP you can expect to see changes form both the external and internal structure of the company. Generating more leads, trust and loyalty from your customers as they believe you are the best person to provide them with what they need. Internal changes include, more confident and focused staff members, which leads to a better planning system.

Use your unique selling proposition effectively, consistently and you are sure to see the results.

Mesh Direct are the leading suppliers of printed banners for the construction industry. We help construction businesses get their message and brand out there to generate much needed business. To find out more about our printed banners, please call us on 1300 368 978 to speak to one of our friendly team members or fill in an enquiry form here.

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festival and event signage

4 Tips to Achieve Great Event Signage

April 15, 2016 / in Blog / by Mesh Direct / No Comments

Events are the ideal opportunity to put your brand out there in front of your audience. Use your next event to promote your brand and ‘wow’ your attendees every where they look with great event signage.

Here are out tips to having high impact event signage:

1. Print it big. Print it bright.
Event signage should be big, bright and ideally be high impact. Mesh banners are a great way of presenting your brand or message. Big banners are always better if you want to have high impact signage.

2. Consistency is key
Creating and following a theme give your event or festival a coherent message, an inclusive vibe that ties the event together. Your wayfinding signs, stage covers, directional signage, toilet signs, fence signage and entry/exit point signage should all be within the theme. Focus on keeping your event theme consistent across all signage.

3. Wayfinding signage is integral
Event patrons will more than likely be unfamiliar with the event facility or grounds. Wayfinding signage needs to be specific, prominently placed and concise. Make sure your attendees can safely navigate your event with wayfinding signage at your next event.

4. Safety First
Safety is at the forefront of effective event planning for any large gathering. Large crowds can be unpredictable, but proper safety signage assists attendees, officials and emergency teams react promptly and appropriately. Safety signs should be bold and strategically placed. You should also consult industry body safety regulations to ensure your signs and festivals are compliant.

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