About Mesh Direct

Mesh Direct is one of Australia’s leaders in grand format printing and out-of-home advertising, supplying printed signage nationwide. All of our products are printed in Australia using superior quality materials and the finest inks on the market. Our main focus is, and always has been on quality products and exceptional customer service.
For a company so driven by quality, our pricing is very competitive. We consider ourselves the best value grand format printing supplier in Australia because of the longevity of our banners and the outstanding print quality.

We work with some of the largest (and smallest) Australian businesses across a variety of industries. Mesh Direct specialise in the construction industry and we have a great depth of knowledge about building site applications for a variety of grand format printing.

Ultimately, our goal is for your business to stand out from the crowd and be remembered for the right reasons, which is why we place such an emphasis on our product and print quality.

What we pride ourselves on is our ability to listen. This coupled with our wealth of experience, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible result. We are passionate about our high quality service and hold the belief that this is why we have been so successful.

A key driver of Mesh Direct is the quality of design. The vast majority of our clients do not hold in-house design teams and as a result we provide a high-quality design service that creates aesthetically pleasing and memorable printed banner signs. The purpose for many does not just lie in the beauty but somewhat the message they want to convey. At Mesh Direct we balance design and functionality to deliver the best for our client.

Lastly, we are incredibly price competitive. We specialise in large scale printing and as a result are geared to provide great prices for our clients due to the discounts given to us by our suppliers. We are grand format specialists in every sense of the phrase. We know our products, we know our design and we can provide great prices.

Why Mesh Direct?

Competitive Pricing
For the superior quality products and print we provide, we are undoubtedly the cheapest grand format printing supplier in Australia. We specialise in printing big, so we are geared to providing great prices because of the discount we ourselves receive from our suppliers.

Superior Quality
Mesh Direct is committed to providing superior quality products and finishing to our clients that are second to none. We now have the most advanced finishing techniques and superior quality substrates available. We guarantee the longevity and quality of all of our work and ensure all of our products are suited to the harsh Australian environmental conditions.

Customer Service
What we do really well is listen to our clients needs and give them the benefit of our experience, providing them with the best possible result. We are passionate about service and we are with you every step of the way – from your initial enquiry, to letting you know how your order in tracking, to following up after you have received the order.

We pride ourselves in our service from anyone that you might speak to in the business, from the person that first answers your call to the person that delivers your product. Simply put, you will be impressed.

Who we work with?
Mesh Direct has a diverse range of products which allows us to recommend the best medium for your application in order to help you gain the best exposure for your company.

We are highly flexible and are willing to work with anyone in need of a grand format banner or sign, whether it be large corporate builders or private individuals we can suit everyone’s needs. Our range of printed products include: printed banners, fence mesh, fence signage printed shade cloth, mesh banners, banner mesh, vinyl banners, printed shade cloth/scrim and corflute. This large array of products allows us to recommend the most appropriate product to allow you to gain the best exposure for your company and/or product. Your budget is of high importance to us and we will work closely with you to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

We specialise in the construction industry and know the best products for building sites. From basic shade cloth dust screens, to huge lengths of printed mesh to enormous building wraps, we have the experience to assist you. Festivals and Events

We provide solutions to Australia’s festivals and events. We understand the logistical complexities and have developed our own project technology to ensure the smallest of things are not forgotten.

Associated Trades
We work with a variety of trade companies all over Australia. We are able to provide printed signage for the smallest or biggest building sites in the country with our nationwide logistics team.

If you are looking at a government department’s grand format branding, there is a very good chance we have supplied it. Because of our fantastic pricing and years of experience, we win more than our fair share of tenders.

If you are a small to medium print shop without experience in or ability to provide for your clients in grand format printing, then speak to us. We are extremely competitively prices and we talk your talk. Before you refer your job ask us if we can help you.

Mesh Direct is one of Australia’s leading large format digital printing providers – your destination for exceptional colour, innovative print materials and unmatched graphic solutions. Our commitment to quality customer service and use of the latest digital technology combines with our years of experience to transform your next artwork into a work of art.


The Team

Put a face to our office staff


Andrew DoenickeDirector of Sales and MarketingM: 0414 444 430

Andrew has an entrepreneurial psyche, being the Director of Sales and Marketing he is the key driving mind behind Mesh Direct and has the know how to turn an idea into a reality. He provides key insights and a wealth of knowledge to our team and our clients.


Marcus BawdenBusiness Development ManagerM: 0416 974 449

Marcus has a wealth of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry boasting a successful career spanning over 20 short years. His never ending enthusiasm has our whole team working tirelessly to keep up with him.

Charlotte WrightBusiness Development Manager - NSWM: 0426 957 750

Charlotte is our Business Development Manager for NSW and ACT. With over 8 years experience in account management and customer service, she's dedicated to helping her clients find the perfect branding strategies and signage solutions.

Ed SunderlandMarketing Consultant - PrintM: 0451 983 158

Ed is our Marketing Consultant - Print for VIC, TAS and major events. With 11 years experience in marketing and events, Ed is passionate about finding the most effective marketing solutions for the business.

Chloe SingeAccount Manager - Design and Delivery

Chloe has years of experience in the graphic design industry. Her creativity, attention to detail and motivation makes her the perfect person for sourcing the right signage solutions for her clients and designing artwork that is sure to stand out amongst the crowd.


Kerri-anne DavoodiMarketing & Communications ManagerM: 0424 344 555

Kerri-anne is our Marketing Manager. With 10 years of marketing industry experience under her belt she is able is able to pour a wealth of knowledge into the business and is the ultimate marketing solutions expert.