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Corflute Signage: Delivering a Message Cost Effectively

July 15, 2016 / in Blog / by Mesh Direct / No Comments

Corflute signage has been a great addition to the signage arsenal as it boasts a lightweight, versatile signage option that is made from corrugated plastic or corriboard. It presents a rigid, flat surface that can be applied virtually anywhere and by anyone. It’s success and popularity can be partly attributed to its versatility as it can be used in short or long-term projects such as real estate signs, promotional signs, construction site signs, building site signs, compliance signs, tradesman site signage, building site warning signs, security company signs, trade show display signs, in-store promotional, safety, warning signs and first aid signs.

Corflute signage has become an incredibly effective form of signage as it can be placed anywhere and has become quite commonly been placed on fences, light poles and buildings which allows it to have high exposure to large crowds.

It is an incredibly effective marketing tool that in essence, is a very simple and easy form of advertising. There are no restrictions on the colour you can use in your design which enables you to convey your brand or message in whichever way you see fit. It’s easily applicable as it can be affixed to any flat surface using adhesive tape, glue, screws or nails. It can also be easily attached to fencing through metal eyelets in each corner.

It is also an option that will not break the bank and remains a relatively cost effective form of signage. It can replace expensive substrates such as aluminium panels or colour-bond signage. This low-cost form of plastic signage is economical and inexpensive, perfect when needing bulk supplies.

It’s durability is an attractive feature of corflute signage as it is waterproof and the material used to make it means that your message will appear perfectly no matter the weather. Corflute retains ink well and will only start to fade after years of exposure to UV. Corflute signage is exceptionally strong, it is impossible to tear by hand and will take a beating when bumped into.

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