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What Is Polymesh Signage? Why Should You Use It?

February 21, 2018 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Polymesh signage is one of our more sought after and versatile products. Polymesh is an alternative fabric to banner mesh or vinyl. Made from a chemical synthetic fibre threaded together forming a strong fabric, it is perfect for outdoor sites such as:

  • construction and civil engineering industries
  • festivals
  • outdoor events.

Polymesh is designed to have optimum air durability – an open hole weave which allows air to flow through freely, minimising flapping of the banner.

Most commonly used for large scale fence wraps and banners, polymesh is a very cost effective product. Slightly transparent, the interlocked material is soft and pliable.

With the smooth PVC coat creating a glossy, professional look, polymesh will not tear, stretch or fade; this type of banner mesh is superior in strength and with UV resistant ink. All around it is a great product at a cheaper price.

Advantages of Polymesh signage

One of the advantages are the solid resistance to water and chemicals, as well as crinkling, scuffing and abrasion.

Polymesh is 100% recyclable. Recently increasing in popularity due to its highly visual colour results, polymesh will not fade, as it is UV coated; giving your banner long lasting appeal and drawing consumers to your point of advertising.

Polymesh provides you with many options for large scale print. Another advantage is that you are able to fold poly mesh, unlike, other banners that will potentially ruin the graphic design. This proves great for storage purposes.


In comparison to vinyl or corflute, this type of signage is recommended for festivals and events where a number of signs are needed. This is due to its lightweight form making it super easy to transport and store. Anybody can install polymesh using wire clippers or plastic cable ties etc, making it a fantastic product.

We’ve installed polymesh on sites all over Australia and continually have incredible feedback from our clients.

If you’re interested in finding out more about polymesh, click here or give us a call on 1300 368 978.


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