City of Sydney Vinyl Hoardings


We specialise in creating signage for construction sites across Australia and have extensive experience working within the City of Sydney Creative Hoardings Guidelines.

The new guidelines aim to enrich and revitalise the City of Sydney area through art features of the history and creativity Sydney offers. Standards for graphics have been developed that builders and developers must comply with, and we ensure that your hoarding adheres to these guidelines. Concealing your construction site is no problem under these new standards and will still create a visual impact that detracts from the unsightly construction rubble and debris.

Our vinyl hoardings are incredibly durable and are completely UV stabilised, meaning that your hoarding will withstand the temperamental Australian climate. Maintenance of the vinyl hoarding is simple and proper care will ensure that you can reuse them. The vinyl hoardings are also fire resistant and can be coated with an anti-graffiti coating to further protect them from vandalism. If you’re after more information about our anti-graffiti protection, contact our team on 1300 368 978.

There are several benefits to using our vinyl hoardings, which can be found here. The City of Sydney artwork is free of charge to use on hoardings and facades, and we ensure that the artwork on the vinyl hoarding is of stellar quality.

We take the stress out of organising the vinyl hoarding for your construction site. We have an in-house design team who specialise in the design requirements of the City of Sydney Creative Hoardings Policy, and our installation team are more than equipped to install the vinyl hoarding perfectly.

For all your construction site signage requirements, we’re ready to assist at every step of the process. Contact our resident hoarding specialist on 1300 368 978 to discuss your signage options and how we can work within the City of Sydney Creative Hoardings Guidelines.




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