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Printed shade cloth or more commonly referred to as ‘scrim’ is a great practical, budget friendly marketing alternative. Created from a permeable substrate, shade cloth makes it a practical advertising tool in the harsh Australian conditions as it allows large wind loads to pass through the material with ease, allowing for light and low risk loads on the structure it is attached to. The printing options allow for your business logo, various colour schemes and fonts to enhance visibility and attractiveness.

At Mesh Direct, we are more than flexible with our printing options, offering plain, partial print and full print shade cloth alternatives to suit the budget and needs of our clients. The installation process isn’t at the peril of the client as shade cloth can be quickly and easily applied to temporary fencing via cable ties. Shade cloth is a very flexible option and can be installed on scaffolds, temporary fences, chain wire fences as well as building facades which ensures your brand message has excellent exposure and is customised to suit your site. Shade cloth is a very adaptable option and is well suited for construction site advertising, scaffold branding, and it is often seen at music festivals and sporting events. Because of the cost, it is recommended scrim is used where clients have longer runs and where the quality of print is not of the highest concern.

All building and OH&S requirements as per relevant building codes apply to our shade cloth fabric products. As standard, our scrim comes with fully UV stabilised inks and substrates, ensuring that your sign will last and not fade for at least 12 months. Construction and development sites, retail sites, community and school locations and large-scale events of all types are perfect fits for our printed shade cloth option.

We sell our unprinted, partially printed or fully printed shade cloth in lengths of 50 metres so it is ideal for longer runs of temporary or permanent fencing. Made from knitted monofilament polythene, it is durable and only has a stretching factor of around 2-3% ensuring the sign will not droop over time after installation. Our scrim is 70% density which in turn allows for a great quality print without losing the benefits of substrate permeability and its ability to handle wind. Shade cloth is most commonly used in longer runs where there is not much room for wind forces to escape. This isn’t a problem as our printed shade cloth is well suited to windy areas.

Mesh Direct has a great logistics network and therefore can produce large orders of shade cloth and can usually guarantee the delivery of your banners within 10 days from the date of payment confirmation and/or artwork approval. All of our shade cloth banners, both printed and unprinted are only available in 50 metre rolls with a minimum order of 2 rolls.

  • 70% light reduction
  • Knotted monofilament, high-density polyethylene provides strength and durability
  • Fully UV stabilised inks for non-fade printing
  • Reinforced knotted‚ 'button-hole’ eyelets at top and bottom
  • 170 GSM for easy handling
  • Easy installation with cable ties or clips
  • Ideal for long run sites
  • Meets all of Australia’s building standards

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