Having worked in the grand print format industry for over a decade now, Mesh Direct has worked with an extensive range of development and construction companies, and government organisations for large and small builds alike. A large development project that is popular amongst our real estate clients is our display sheds for their ability to creatively showcase property developments.

We pride ourselves on our quality display sheds, which are fantastic for showcasing property developments and any new service offerings. We’ve worked on numerous projects with JWLand and Evergreen Coombs to bring their visions to life, providing them with high quality, durable signage solutions for their display sheds.

Our vinyl signages’ substrate is non porous meaning it provides a “what you see is what you get” result. It is a perfect long term solution as the resistance properties of the PVC vinyl banner ensures an incredibly durable, fade resistant and long lasting product. Vinyl signage is an incredibly flexible option in terms of size and can be produced to any size or length required, however, they will not suit all applications due to wind loads. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor conditions as they are fully UV stabilised.

We can transform your creative ideas into a standout display shed. With years of experience working on large scale development projects for clients such as Westfield, Meriton, NSW government and various real estate agencies, we can bring any design to life.

When creating a display shed, durability is a massive factor to consider. It’s vital that the vinyl signage withstands varying climates and weather conditions over the course of your project. We also know that your fencing and signage must go the distance, which is what we guarantee here at Mesh Direct: long lasting, high impact solutions.

Cleaning and maintenance of vinyl is not an issue and can be easily done over the course of your project. Vinyl can also be reused if taken care properly. The high print quality of our vinyl also ensures that your signage will catch the eye of any passerby.


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