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How to unlock marketing potential with display sheds

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Display sheds are a great option for marketers, construction companies or real estate agencies to showcase upcoming large scale developments to the public. They can stand alone as an advertising feature and when leveraged properly, they can be an eye-catching feature to draw in any passerby. Mesh Direct has experience in helping to transform design sheds into stunning advertising spaces, so we’ve picked up a few things along the way of how to truly unlock their marketing potential for maximum impact.

Identifying the purpose of your display shed

Is your display shed advertising a recent real estate development? Or are you about to unleash a new service offering to the public? It is crucial that you identify the purpose of your display shed so that you leverage its marketing potential. This is a popular advertising option for companies working on large scale developments to showcase their proposals to the community in a refined and contained manner. You can see how this worked well for JWLand here.

The best signage option: vinyl or alupanel?

We often get asked by our clients which material is best to use for signage in display sheds. At Mesh Direct, we have a diverse range of signage solutions such as banner mesh, mesh fence panels and corflute to suit numerous projects. When it comes to display sheds, we use our vinyl or alupanel signage for the interior space. Both signage options are durable and produce a high print quality to make your advertising stand out. Alupanel signage is a great all round signage solution that will surely draw the eye in and capture the vibrant colours in your advertising. Vinyl is a non-porous substrate meaning you’ll get an outstanding print quality every time and can come in either a matte or gloss finish. Both signage solutions are UV resistant and can be used on the exterior of your display shed as well.

An eye-catching headline is key

You need to draw a crowd into your display shed, and what better way to do this than with a catchy headline. It is important to think of what your project is about and what will attract the public to view your display shed. Stay away from long headlines and use short, sharp copy to attract attention. Using a vinyl banner on the exterior of your display shed will catch the eye of any passerby with its outstanding print quality. Equally important is using the right colours – bold, bright colours will draw the eye in, but stay away from complimentary colours like white on pale blue as it will be difficult to read outside.


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