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At Mesh Direct we specialise in banners and signs and are your one stop shop for all your signage needs. We work with creating mesh banners, vinyl banners, corflute signs, aluminium panel signs, wall murals, stickers, a matter a fact we print on just about any flat surface to enormous proportions.

We pride ourselves on being highly price competitive and as a result we offer the lowest prices in the industry. These prices don’t affect our quality in any way shape or form as we use the highest quality substrates and inks to ensure high quality products.

Here at Mesh Direct we pride ourselves on being flexible to suit our clients needs and as a result our banner mesh, printed shade cloth, corflute, alupanel or PVC vinyl banners can be made to any size depending on your needs. We offer standard sizing for mesh banners and shade cloth banners that relate to the standard sized temporary fences. In order to provide truly grand quality and grand sized banners we weld our printed banner mesh or vinyl substrates together. We sell banners ranging from 1m² to 200m². You are only limited in size to what you want to attach to your banner.

Our products are specifically designed to be able to withstand the environment and as a result all are fully UV stabilised and are made to be exceptionally durable and long lasting. If looked after properly, the banners will not rip or tear, fade or break. Anti-graffiti finishes are also available on some products to protect against vandalism. With each banner and mesh product you can customise the size, shape, colour, design, finish and attachment method to suit your needs.

At Mesh Direct all of our printed banners or PVC banners can be dual sided and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions and they are weather resistant. They are made with reinforced eyelets as standard although keder rope track is also available.

Our range of products are all very versatile and as a result we have made banners and signs for just about any type of occasion or reason, from simply advertising a product or service to sporting events, school fetes, markets, events, community festivals, music festivals, and church messages.

The building industry is one of our biggest clients and as a result our most popular banners are made from banner mesh and are often referred to as builders mesh banners, scaffold banners. We use a permeable mesh material to allow for easy wind passage.

VINYL BANNERS are printed on 440gsm banner and finished with either eyelets (standard) or keder sailtrack. We use UV stabilised inks and our PVC banners are guaranteed for 2 years against fading or tearing (under normal use circumstances).

MESH BANNERS can be printed on different grade banner mesh depending on our client’s budget and potential wind loads on temporary fencing. Either way our banner mesh signs are printed with UV stabilised substrate and inks to ensure longevity. Mesh banners are ideal for temporary perimeter fences around building sites or events because of the lighter wind loads created by using a porous material.

CORFLUTE banners and signs can be customised to any size and for just about any application. Unlike other wholesale printers and suppliers, we print directly onto the corflute banners and signs substrate and don’t use stickers. This results in a very impressive print result, and obviously one which is far more durable and vandal proof.

ALUMINIUM PANEL signs are ideal when a more durable substrate is required. We are one of the few suppliers who print directly onto the aluminium panels resulting in a metallic print result. We are also able to first print a white layer to reproduce photo quality print results.

Whatever type of banner or sign you need, or even if you are unsure on what you need, don’t be afraid to speak to our experts about the best material for your application. We have a wealth of experience in design and banner installation and can guide you through the process of creating truly memorable advertising.

  • Custom Printed Banners and Signs
  • Factory Direct Banners and Signage
  • Custom Banner Mesh, Printed Shade Cloth, Corflute Signage, Fence Mesh, Construction Signage
  • Variety of banner finishing available - eyelets, keder rope, button holes, pole pockets
  • Fast Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Nationwide Delivery Available
  • Fire retardant and CSIRO tested substrates

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