Building wraps or building skins are a key feature of the European and American building landscape but is a relatively new form of advertising in Australia. Buildings are essentially a massive canvas just waiting for an expression of art to be painted upon it, and what more of an impressive way to get your commercial message across than to advertise on the walls or scaffold of a large building.

The term skins or wraps loosely applied means to wrap or skin the building in a sign, however in application it can take many forms. Our previous clients needs have differed greatly, some have wrapped the entire facade with a rendition of the building underneath. For some we have created nature scenes, or cityscapes and others have just simply used it as an advertising platform for their brand.

Whatever the appearance of the facade, the beauty of building wraps is they leave a truly memorable and magnificent impression on people. At Mesh Direct our experience coupled with our in-house skills to make your concept come to life in the grandest of grand formats. Let us know your dreams and visions for the project and we will work together with our creative team, or yours, to assist you in making your building wrap a masterpiece. We are equipped to handle the project from start to finish whether it be from the design process to installation and lighting.

Other forms of advertising can be hideously expensive, are far less permanent and are far less memorable. In comparison, building wraps are relatively inexpensive and incredibly impressive. Wraps aren’t limited to the number of materials it can be made from including vinyl banners or banner mesh depending on the clarity of the print required, the amount of wind load it will experience and the type of structure it will be fixed to.

Scaffold banners are another great way to wrap a building. This consists of using smaller banners to advertise on large building scaffolds. Large scaffolding sites are really large blank canvases full of advertising opportunities that are more than often gone to waste. The types of buildings we can wrap vary from small cottages, to blocks of units, city high rise and even sporting stadiums. The idea of quality isn’t lost on us at Mesh Direct and as a result we choose the highest quality inks and substrates to ensure longevity and a high quality finish.

Mesh Direct are able to offer a large range of application options to our clients from direct to façade, applied to scaffold or hoarding, temporary frame or permanent system. We can even wrap enormous windows or apply cut out vinyls.

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