Vinyl Billboard Signage


If you’re looking for an impressive and effective large scale advertising format, vinyl billboard signage is a great solution.

Crafted from wood panels that create a solid, sturdy structure, vinyl billboard signage provides the opportunity for premium print resolution. Here at Mesh Direct, we can absolutely tailor your sign to meet your needs, including custom sizing and assistance with your artwork.

Whether you’ve got an event to advertise, a new product or you just want to create brand awareness for your business, these signs are a great way to get your vision out into the world.

Our billboard signage comes in both gloss and matte options, so you can decide what look suits you and your brand best. A Mesh Direct billboard is also crafted from premium materials, and is completely UV protected, meaning that it’s designed to withstand the harsh elements of the Australian climate. It’s durable, fire-retardant and built to last, allowing you to reuse it time and time again.

Our vinyl billboard signage options have provided clients all over Australia and New Zealand with high visibility advertising solutions for their brands and products.

As you may have guessed, one of the main challenges when it comes to any signage option is graffiti. Unfortunately, billboards more than any other type of signage are generally targeted when it comes to tagging. Our experts have considered this and have ensured that our billboard signage has measures to combat this.

Our graffiti protection comes in two levels, applied by a special coating machine after your design is printed. While this treatment doesn’t prevent the vandalism itself, it does ensure that graffiti is easily removed afterwards, and that your vinyl billboard signage can be restored to its original form.

The possibilities with vinyl billboard signage are endless, as are our variety of options you can choose from. Our signage features new Nylon seat belt Supertuff edging, completely UV stabilised inks for a much longer lasting print and of course, custom shape and sizing available.

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