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Companies looking for a fantastic branding and advertising solution for a building site, event or anywhere that the fence is thicker and more solid than a chain link fence, vinyl hoardings are the perfect fit. Attached to wood hoardings made from wood panel creating a solid surface, allowing for an ideal background to allow for high quality print options for non-permeable signs. Hoarding is a popular option used in urban areas, within shopping centres and perfect for crowd control in large and small events, in fact the attractiveness of vinyl hoardings prompted the Sydney City Council to enforce all hoardings be dressed with vinyl.

What really causes vinyl hoarding to stand out from other products is its outstanding print reproduction and quality. Dissimilar to banner mesh or shade cloth, the substrate is non porous meaning it provides a “what you see is what you get” result. It is a perfect long term solution as the resistance properties of the PVC vinyl banner ensures an incredibly durable, fade resistant and long lasting product. Vinyl hoarding banners are an incredibly flexible option in terms of size and can be produced to any size or length required, however, they will not suit all applications due to wind loads. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor conditions as they are fully UV stabilised.

Vandalism in the form tagging and graffiti on billboards, hoardings and banners is an unfortunate reality. As a result, our vinyl hoardings have been adapted to ensure graffiti protection which comes in two levels, which are both applied to the vinyl after printing by a special coating machine. This coating doesn’t stop the initial vandalism but ensures that the vinyl can be easily restored to its former glory.

The Adcoat protective coating comes in both gloss and matte finishes. The benefits are endless as the Adcoat finish not only offers the ability to clean graffiti off printed vinyl hoardings but it allows for an outstanding finish where the details leap off the vinyl. The harsh Australian sun isn’t an issue either as Adcoat offers substantial UV protection. The 60 micron coating allows clients to have peace of mind as it allows up to 4 years of graffiti and fade free protection.

Durability is a key feature of Vinyl and PVC banners as they are exceptionally durable and with proper care can be continually reused. Cleaning and maintenance of vinyl is not an issue and can be easily done over the course of your project. On long runs, the use of rope (keder) fastenings gives the appearance that the wall is one large image, directly printed, rather than being a banner which is attached to a wall.

Vinyl hoardings are fire resistant and will not tear. If you’re looking for a high visual impact that has incredible durability then the vinyl hoardings product is the best solution. Our design team are incredibly experienced in creating memorable outdoor advertising designs and campaigns, so don’t hesitate to ask them about our vinyl coated hoarding option.

Mesh Direct has a great logistics network and therefore can produce large orders of vinyl hoarding banners and can usually guarantee the delivery of your banners within 10 days from the date of payment confirmation and/or artwork approval.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Great print production quality
  • 410 - 440 GSM (heavier available)
  • Fully UV stablised inks for long lasting print
  • Custom shape and sizing available
  • Any type of finishing available for specialised applications
  • Ideal for high traffic areas or prominent sale messages
  • Visually appealing for sales messages
  • Anti-graffiti coating now available
  • Keder and sail track installation available

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