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Temporary Event Fence Signage: 3 Reasons You Need It

December 13, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Here at Mesh Direct, we regularly supply some of the country’s biggest festivals and events with temporary event fence signage. These organisations use a range of our products, from premium banner mesh and shade cloth, to corflute and wind mesh. Numerous festivals and events know the value of utilising our temporary event signage, do you?

Read on for all the reasons you need temporary event signage for your next festival or event…

1. Brand recognition

One of the main benefits for using temporary event fence signage is covering it with your artwork, branding, logo and event details to create a sense of brand recognition.

You want people to be able to instantly recognise your colours, your logo or your event branding as soon as they see the temporary fencing. It makes your event look established and professional, as well as makes great backdrops in photos and social media posts from your guests.

This helps you create a universal look across your entire event site, giving your brand credibility.

2. Easy to install & reusable

Another great benefit of using our temporary event fence signage is that it’s easy to install. Made with metal eyelets and cable ties, just about anyone can install our banner mesh. You can check out our installation advice here to see for yourself.

Our banner mesh and temporary event fence signage is also reusable. It’s created with durable substrates and materials, ensuring that our clients can use it time and time again. This makes it particularly great for seasonal events, it can be installed, used throughout the event and then taken down and stored for the next event. It’s easily transported as well, also making it ideal for events that tour various locations.

3. Cover unsightly temporary fencing

Anyone who’s dealt with temporary fencing before knows how ugly it is. Metal poles and chain link fences don’t exactly scream ‘exciting event here’.

Yet another benefit of banner mesh is its ability to cover up unsightly temporary fencing with epic branding, colours and artwork. It has the dual advantage of showcasing your business or event, as well as creating a more visually appealing aesthetic in general.


For more information on our temporary event fence signage, give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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Prospec - Printed Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth Printing: Top 3 Uses

November 08, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

As grand format printing specialists, shade cloth printing is one of the formats we specialise in here at Mesh Direct. Shade cloth (also known in the industry as ‘scrim’) is an affordable fence signage and coverage option for those in the construction and development industries. Because of its practical, durable nature, it has a variety of uses across a range of different industries.

Created from a permeable substrate, shade cloth is perfect for the harsh (and often windy) Aussie climate. The perforated design allows wind loads to pass through the material, ensuring light and low risk loads on the attached structure.

Shade cloth also comes in full printed shade cloth, half printed and plain shade cloth options, so you can make it work for whatever your purpose is.

Speaking of purposes, let’s get to the top 3 uses for shade cloth printing…

1. Temporary fence signage & branding

By far the most common usage of shade cloth printing is for temporary fence signage and branding. Developers and event coordinators alike often make the most of the under-utilised advertising space shade cloth provides.

This is a fantastic way to create brand recognition for your company, and to advertise any upcoming developments or events.

2. Block out view from street

Another common use for shade cloth printing, is for use as a device to block out the view of construction sites from the street. There’s nothing more unsightly than an untidy development site. Often the site is in disarray, with equipment strewn about the place as well as uncovered scaffolding as an eye sore.

Shade cloth, particularly printed shade cloth is a great option for containing the mess and disorganisation of a construction site, and ensuring that your development looks as professional as possible.

3. Contain dust

Finally, another of the top uses for shade cloth printing jobs is to contain dust, and for hygiene purposes. Often throughout the lifespan of a development, things like materials are cut and moved on site, and dust can accumulate. The best developers are concerned with the comfort and safety of the general public, and so often employ shade cloth to contain the dust from the site, and for other hygiene purposes.


Shade cloth has numerous other benefits as well. It’s cheap and accessible, making it perfect for one off projects. Practically anyone can use and install it, which means it’s great from just about everything from garden renovations to large scale developments.

For more information on shade cloth printing, click here, or give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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Gentlemans Ride Corflute Signage from Mesh Direct

Corflute Signs: Why You Should Use Them On Site

October 11, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Here at Mesh Direct, we’ve produced corflute signs for some of the biggest developments, construction sites, festivals and events around the country. Corflute is also referred to as corrugated plastic signage or corriboard and is a rigid, flat substrate that can be applied practically anywhere. It’s a lightweight and versatile signage option, and is easy to install on any structure, including walls, fences and hoarding.

But why should you use corflute signs on site? We’ve asked our experts to delve into the nitty gritty of why corflute makes the ideal signage solution for your construction site.

1. Perfect safety and directional signage

Every construction and development site, not to mention festival and event site, need adequate safety and directional signage. This is the signage that tells patrons and workers where the amenities are, where particular gates are located, and the appropriate dress code for the site.

Corflute can also be used for things like price lists and menus at events, as well as for vital signage like emergency points and first aid tents. Our corflute signage has also been used in the past for; retail (e.g. sales signs, parking signs and staff signage), government (including election campaigns), real estate advertisements, construction industries (including excavation and demolition), councils (e.g. safety signs, security signs and community information message signs) as well as events and different types of festivals (e.g. gate signs, trade stalls, amenities etc.).

This type of signage is also a great way for companies to advertise their brands, and be able to deliver messages both in indoor and outdoor environments. Corflute signage is an incredibly adaptable advertising option. The colour possibilities are endless, and allow you to express your message in any way that you desire.

2. Durable signage solution

One of the great benefits of using corflute signage is how durable it is. Corflute signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are fully UV stabilised. With proper care, our signage can be used for years. We use the highest quality inks available and our corflute signage is printed directly onto substrate on 3mm or 5mm thick bases.

It’s also easy to customise and cut to the required size.

We’ve supplied seasonal events all around Australia with corflute signs that they use time and time again.

3. Easy to install

Another advantage to corflute signage is that it’s affordable and easy to install. Often seen in the outside environment being nailed to electricity poles, our corriboard signage option is one that designed for a simple install.

Our clients have the option of using adhesive tape, glue, screws or nails. Our corflute can be easily fixed to any flat surface and can also be easily attached to fences using metal eyelets in each corner.


Want to know more about how corflute signs can work for your construction site? Give our experts a call on 1300 368 978.

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Printed Signage: Event Advertising On A Budget

September 27, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

In the midst of the digital age, an advertising medium that’s often overlooked and under-utilised is signage. Printed signage is a fantastic way to create brand recognition and awareness, particularly when it comes to events. Don’t underestimate the advantage of using big, bold and bright artwork on signage to expose foot and car traffic to your festival, event and/or message.

Mesh Direct have supplied numerous event advertising to some of Australia’s biggest festivals and organisations, and are considered experts in the field. We understand that often, events are run on strict budgets and organisers can find it difficult to give the event the marketing attention it deserves. Here at Mesh Direct, we have plenty of budget-friendly solutions when it comes to advertising through printed signage. Here are some of our most popular options…

1. Utilise crowd control barriers

At events and festivals, crowd control barriers are already a must-have. They’re a necessity when it comes to organisation, safety and creating an orderly system for queuing, so why not utilise these existing canvases to showcase your event branding and advertising?

We use dye sublimation printing to actually dye the design into the mesh of the barriers which results in fantastic colour representation and crystal clear prints. We’re passionate about representing you, your brand and your event well, so we use only the best in printing technology.

One of the great things about crowd control barriers is how affordable they are. Give our team a call to learn what options suit your needs best (1300 368 978).

2. Use banners and signs

Another budget-friendly solution is printed banner mesh. This can be attached to temporary fencing and promote your event while your construction/event site is still in progress. We have a range of affordable options here including premium banner mesh, standard banner mesh, shade cloth and wind mesh.

Our printed shade cloth is an ideal branding and advertising solution for festival organisers, and it one of our most popular products. It’s commonly used on barrier fencing, particularly on long runs where a high resolution result is not necessary. Shade cloth is our entry level branded fencing and is sold in rolls of 50m. Also referred to as scrim, fence fabric, scaffold mesh or fence mesh it is a durable material which can be reused, making it perfect for regular/seasonal festivals.

3. Corflute signage

Corflute is one of the most common forms of signage you’ll see around festivals events. It’s also referred to as corrugated plastic signage or corriboard and is a rigid, flat substrate which is highly versatile, can be applied virtually anywhere and is easy to install on any structure including walls, fences and hoarding.

You’ll likely see it in the form of security signs, safety signs, menus, prices, and dress code signs among other things. The corflute sign option provides a magnificent reproduction of your artwork for a budget price, rather than using vinyl lettering we print directly on the corflute signage substrate to achieve this magnificent result.

It can also be seen in real estate signage, the building industry and for major use in election campaigns. Durability isn’t an issue as corflute signs can be reused time and time again, making it ideal for seasonal events and festivals. Often seen in the outside environment being nailed to electricity poles, the corriboard signage option is one that is built to withstand the elements.

At Mesh Direct we are very flexible and are more than willing to customise your corflute signs according to all your needs. Our corflute signage is fully UV stabilised and with the proper care can be used for years. We use the highest quality inks available and our corflute signage is printed directly onto substrate on 3mm or 5mm thick bases.


Each of these printed signage forms are a great way to advertise your event or festival at an affordable price. If you’re interested to find out more about advertising through printed signage, give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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Why You Should Have Festival and Events Signage and Banners

May 07, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Here at Mesh Direct, we specialise in large format festival and events signage. We’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, and have worked with numerous music festivals and sporting events on a regular basis. Which is why we understand the importance of using this type of signage and banners. Have you heard about large format printing for events but don’t know if it’s right for you?

Let’s dive into three reasons why you should have signage and banners at your next festival or event…

1. Take advantage of advertising space

With signage and banners across your event site, you can take advantage of otherwise under utilised, high value advertising space. From mesh banner fencing, stage signage and crowd control barriers, we can guarantee there’s definitely room for advertising your brand.

Our numerous mesh products and fencing options allow you to make the absolute most of these areas. Products like mesh banners allow you to put advertising in places where you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. These areas are usually in high traffic, high exposure positions, which helps get as many sets of eyes on your branding as possible.

2. Create a uniform look across your site

Another advantage to using festival and events signage and banners around your site is that they create a uniform aesthetic which looks both impressive and professional. Tying the look of an event together with uniform branding across all signage solutions is a great way to get your business’ name out there.

However, in addition, a uniform aesthetic also makes your brand, your event and/or your festival more reputable. It potentially provides you with the opportunity to reach new audiences, and potentially new clients.

3. Brand awareness

On a similar note, another reason you should have festival and events signage and banners is to create brand awareness for your company and/or product.

Utilising otherwise under-utilised, high traffic areas for your branded signage and banners can help create awareness of your festival or event with an entirely  new audience.

Festival and Events Signage Recommendations

So, as Mesh-experts, what products do we recommend that you use in order to create the best possible results with your festival and events signage?

We recommend using a winning combination of our most popular products across your entire event. These products include: premium mesh banners, crowd control barriers, mesh fence panels and media walls.

The draw card for festivals and events are that they’re entire experiences, and our products can help that experience be more uniform and wholesome for all involved.

If you’d like more information on how Mesh Direct can help you master your festival and events signage, be sure to drop us a line here, or give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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Printed Shade Cloth for Stereosonic Music Festival Signage by Mesh Direct

Event Signage And Effective Low Budget Advertising Guide

April 10, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

There are dozens of factors to consider when it comes to event management and success. However, event signage and effective low budget advertising are usually at the top of that list. Planners want to know the best ways promote their event, and create a unique, branded experience.

One way of creating a uniform branded aesthetic across the scope of your whole event is to use event signage. This is also an incredibly effective form of low budget advertising.

Event signage

Here at Mesh Direct, we’re experts in large scale printing and have many years experience in event signage. We’ve created event signage for numerous festivals, lifestyle events and promotional programs, including Vivid Sydney, Electric Gardens festival, Stereosonic, Winter Festival and more.

When it comes to creating effective signage for your event, and achieving that all-important uniform aesthetic on a low budget, there are a range of options.

Check out the types of banner mesh and event signage below, and determine which is right for you and your event.

Shade cloth/scrim

Shade cloth is a budget-friendly option for many, and is a fantastic solution for festival organisers in particular. It’s usually used on barrier fencing, particularly on long runs where a high print resolution isn’t always necessary. Scrim is a good starting point or entry level branded fencing.

It’s sold in rolls of 50 metres, and can be reused again and again, making it perfect for regular events.

Premium banner mesh

Premium banner mesh is a great solution for things like sporting events or music festivals. Our perforated material provides impressive visual impact and high resolution print quality. This design also allows for wind to pass through without interfering with the fence or structure itself.

While a little more expensive than shade cloth, premium banner mesh does have a superior print quality, which is ideal for displaying the artwork and branding of your event.

This printed shade mesh is perfect for covering up unsightly fencing with your branding and advertising your event.

Particularly if you need to set up the structure and scaffolding of your event in advance, wrapping your temporary fencing with branded mesh can prove to be very effective low budget advertising.

Vinyl hoarding

Vinyl hoarding is another fantastic option for your event signage and low budget advertising. Vinyl hoarding provides the highest possible print quality where wind flow isn’t a crucial factor. You’ll likely find vinyl hoarding outside of buildings and shopping centres where it easily grabs the attention of passersby.

It’s also often used at music festivals and large scale events where timber barrier fencing has been installed.

Another common use for vinyl hoarding is for smaller banners where there is a greater need for durability and high visibility.

Corflute Signage

The final option for event signage and low budget advertising it corflute signage. This is lightweight and versatile, and is ideal for events and festivals due to its low price. It’s most common use is for directional signs, menus, and safety signs.

Banners and signs combination

Of course, for most events, you’ll need a combination of the above signage types. This is definitely recommended for achieving that uniform look across your festival or celebration.

For the most effective low budget advertising, using a combination of event signage is the best solution.

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banner design logos2

How-to: Prepare Your Own Banner Design

April 05, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Here at Mesh Direct, we’re naturally big believers in the power of large format printing and the magic of a good banner design. We do everything we can to ensure our clients’ banners are as aesthetically pleasing and as effective as possible before we go to print. Because of our insider knowledge of the print industry and our decade’s worth of experience working with printers and designers from all walks of life, we thought we’d give a new ‘How To’ guide, this time, we’re looking at how you can prepare your own banner design in order to get the best possible results… Here’s what you need to know…

When supplying logos for banner design

A common mistake made by businesses supplying print companies with artwork is not supplying the right logo files. Any artwork (logos included) should be supplied to the printer as a vector image. This sort of file is supplied as the following: .eps, .ai or as a .pdf

It’s vital that the business provides the right file type in this case, or they risk not getting the job done on time or the having the print job turn out incorrectly.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not your files are compatible and accurate, always check with your printer before approving the job.

Don’t include printer marks

Another common error made by businesses approaching printers with their banner designs is that they include premade printer marks. What do we mean by printer marks? Printers marks include bleed marks, crop marks and colour bars.

Including these can cause confusion for your printer.

Know your artboard size

For Mesh Direct’s printing services, we require artboard sizes to be set at 10% of the full print size. So for example, a 50m x 1.6m banner should be set up at 5000mm x 160mm. Remember that we don’t require crop marks, bleed or colour bars.

Like most printers, we ask that you only provide one artboard per file.

Get your colours right

For those of you who aren’t particularly familiar with artwork specifications for print, you’ll need to use CMYK. All of your files need to be converted to CMYK in order to be used on your printed banner.

Have your fonts ready

Remember when you’re preparing your banner design for print that all your fonts should be entirely legible and should suit your brand aesthetic. You also need to be sure that the fonts are outlined or that the font files are supplied to the printer.

Many people assume that getting the fonts right is the easy part of printing, but it isn’t always that simple. Think long and hard about the fonts you’re using and if they’re the best solution for your banner design.

Imagery should be hi-res

If you’re keen to include images and photographs on your banner design, you need to ensure that these images and photographs are high-resolution and need to be supplied at 300dpi.


For more artwork specifications when it comes to preparing your banner design for printing, check out our instructional videos here.

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How-To: Use Contrasting Colours On Your Mesh Fencing

April 04, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

When it comes to creating artwork for your mesh banners, we know not everyone is an artist or graphic designer. While we have an expert art department on hand at all times, we thought we’d share some insights into what makes great banner art, and how you can make your branded mesh products as eye-catching and impressive as possible.

One of the most commonly tried and tested techniques our designers themselves use is using contrasting colours. Contrast is something that should be featured on every design, no matter what it’s purpose is. Contrasting helps determine a hierarchy within the graphic, and shows the viewer which part of the image is the most important (usually the name of your brand, your logo or your website).

However, more than just making your brand name stand out, using contrasting colours within artwork creates layers of interest, and generally makes your artwork more aesthetically appealing.

So for those of you who aren’t artistically inclined, here’s a little breakdown on how you can use contrasting colours in different ways to make your brand’s mesh banner pop…

1. Use light and dark

When it comes to contrasting colours, this is probably the option that most people think of first: contrasting light and dark colours. For example: white and black, light blue and dark red, light coloured text on a dark background or dark text on a light coloured background.

This is definitely one way of making your brand’s logo or message stand out, and a method that is used to great effect with mesh banners and mesh fencing.

This technique helps make different aspects of your design more visible than others, and can be incredibly eye-catching, particularly in high traffic areas such as sidewalks and when featured on high rise buildings.

Our premium mesh banners have a fantastic print resolution that makes working with these types of colour contrasts incredibly simple and effective.

2. Play with temperature

When it comes to design, all colours are separated into three different groups based on their ‘temperature’: warm, cool and neutral. It’s obvious to some, but colours like reds, yellows and oranges are on the warm side, whereas blues and greens are categorised as warm colours. Finally, white, black and grey are considered neutral.

You can contrast the intensity of the same temperatures, or alternatively, contrast with warm and cool colours. It’s completely up to you and what suits the aesthetic of your business and brand.

Playing with contrasting temperature colours is another great way to create visually appealing branding for your business. You want to utilise the advertising opportunity that banner mesh offers, and using colour in clever ways is the ideal solution to making your mesh fencing as striking as possible.

Both our premium banner mesh and our standard banner mesh options are particularly suited to printing stunning, full colour designs on.

3. Experiment with monochromatic colours

Here’s where things start to get a little technical, but don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Using monochromatic colours essentially just means using the same colour of varying intensities. So you might use a range of different shades of blue, or a range of different shades of red.

This is probably the least popular of the three options, as it doesn’t always have the same intensity or impact as light & dark or contrasting temperature, however it’s still a good choice to consider when questioning your brand’s aesthetic.

No matter how you choose to use contrasting colour, Mesh Direct’s in-house design team and art department can help you achieve a sleek and professional look for your branded mesh products. Whether it’s for an event or a construction site, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

For more information on how we can make banner mesh and mesh fencing work for you and your business, don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call on 1300 368 978.

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Banner Mesh: 10 Benefits For Your Construction Business

January 15, 2017 / in Blog / by Mesh Direct / No Comments

More and more businesses are utilising marketing and branding tools to get their name in front of a bigger range of customers. One of these tools is printed banner meshPrinted banner mesh is a long lasting, high quality form of advertising. It’s a great alternative to the more expensive banner products like vinyl, and with the added benefits of the PVC coated substrate, ink is adequately absorbed, resulting in a sharp, vivid print job. With better print production than plain shadecloth, banner mesh is perfect for construction sites, festival and sporting events.

So for those of you who are still undecided as to whether mesh fencing is right for you and your business, here are 10 benefits of using banner mesh:

1. Increase brand awareness

In today’s day and age, one of the most important aspects to any business is their brand. Your brand represents who you and your company are, it helps people associate their experiences with your company name, and return to you when they need your services again. Banner mesh offers construction businesses in particular, the opportunity to advertise their business in an incredibly targeted way. By printing your logo, business details and ethos on fence mesh and displaying it around a construction site, you increase your brand awareness.

Passersby might take down your details for a job of their own. A potential customer might recognise it the next time they see it, making them more likely to trust your brand. Increasing your brand awareness via banner mesh can lead to higher converting sales.

2. Restrict areas

In the case of a construction site or festival, there may be areas which the public aren’t allowed to access for safety reasons. Mesh fencing can come in handy here too. It’s a great way of sectioning off parts of a construction site, or restricting certain areas where necessary.

3. Superior print reproduction

It’s not every day a graphic works well on mesh, but with the advances in digital technology, and the added advantage of PVC coated substrate, we’re able to recreate vivid and striking images on banner mesh for an affordable price. A high quality print job means that you and your brand will be represented well to the public, with the mesh fencing all the more likely to grab people’s attention and impress.

4. Budget conscious

Another added benefit of using banner mesh for your construction business is that it’s an affordable choice. A premium product with so many added benefits makes it great value for money, and for your business.

5. Wind and rain safe

Banner mesh or fencing mesh has thousands of tiny holes all over its surface to allow for wind flow. This technique ensures that wind doesn’t damage the banner, or knock over the fence which it’s attached to. Construction sites are often exposed to the elements, and banner mesh has been designed with this in mind, making it ideal for windy conditions.

Banner mesh is also waterproof, preventing water droplets sinking into material and ruining the design.

6. Eco friendly

These days, we’re all aware of the terrible impact we’re having on the environment, which is why it’s so important to decrease our imprint wherever possible. Construction mesh is eco friendly, so you can rest assured that you and your business are doing the right thing.

7. Banner mesh is UV protected

Are you concerned about your incredible artwork or business logo fading and looking out of sorts? Mesh banner printing is UV protected which means your print won’t fade under the sun’s rays for up to a period of 12 months.

8. Easy to hang

Fence mesh is incredibly easy to hang yourself, as it has nylon seatbelt edging and eyelets every 500mm. While it’s easy to install, there’s also the option of having it installed for you if you want to save yourself the time. In addition, banner tape on the back of the product is welded to the banners edge, giving it significantly better strength.

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