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The demand for banners and sign solutions in the construction industry has skyrocketed in recent years. Due to this, 8 years ago we made the decision to specialise in the construction industry, not that the decision was too hard to make considering 70% of our business comes from the construction industry.

Our product range now counters for the printing needs of architects, builders, sub-division sales, refurbishment services, demolition services, and plenty of associated trades and services. All of our inks, substrates and printing services are specially designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry and to continually perform and display as vividly as possible. We understand the needs of the construction industry and are well-equipped and very experienced in the printing applications required. We know the best product for the job and are more than happy to give you the benefit of our knowledge. We can offer nationwide banner and sign solutions such as banner mesh, flame retardant banner mesh, printed shade cloth/scrim, jump form signage, vinyl hoarding signage, flame retardant signage, building wraps, corflute safety signs, crowd control barrier banners and more.

We also understand the budgetary constraints of the building game and you will find we are perhaps Australia’s cheapest grand format printer. All of our printing is done here in Australia and we are happy to deliver to clients all over the country. Our design team is exceptionally talented at creating outstanding visual signage which will get your message across and reinforce your brand identity in the strongest possible manner. We take our role as out of home advertisers very seriously and we want to deliver the very best results for you at the best possible price. Contact one of our consultants today on 1300 368 978 to talk about all your signage needs and the many possibilities than we can offer you.


Mesh Direct printed shade cloth is an ideal grand format branding solution for the construction industry. Often installed over temporary fencing it offers good visual impact and 70% sun blockage/30% wind passage as well as dust protection. Printed shade cloth is the perfect product for sub-divisions which require huge runs of perimeter fencing. Also referred to as scrim, fence fabric, scaffold mesh or fence mesh – it is a durable material which can be reused.


Mesh Direct offers both budget and premium printed fencing mesh. Banner mesh is becoming the building industry substrate of choice. The perforated material offers exceptional visual impact on building sites whilst providing safe and clean workplaces. The perforations significantly lower wind-load and should be considered for most outdoor jobs. We also offer flame retardant mesh to meet site requirements. Also known as mesh banners, printed shade mesh or PVC coated mesh it produces a superior finish and is finished with eyelets or sail track. We offer our Mesh Banners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and all other areas of Australia direct to business customers.


Mesh Direct vinyl hoarding advertising and banners provide the highest quality print solution for temporary fences and other applications where wind load is not critical. By printing on solid, non-permeable, PVC substrate we are able to achieve photo quality results which are guaranteed not to fade for 5 years. Commonly used in the building industry against permanent structures or hoardings, PVC signs create a visually stunning and lasting impression. Highly desirable in inner city locales where dust protection is required and advertising exposure is premium.


Mesh Direct offer a lightweight, versatile signage option known as Corflute Signage. Because of its stiff structure it is ideal against walls and we often make corflute signs for shop fitters and builders inside shopping centres. It is a durable product which is equally at home outside. Ideal for site safety signs for development and construction sites.


Building wraps has become a generic term for any kind of large format signage appearing on the outside of buildings under construction or renovation. We have been fortunate enough to be involved with some very interesting jobs including wrapping the entire building with an artist’s impression like the Gowings building in Sydney, to very large scaffold ads, or advertising on lift shafts. We have the experience to make truly enormous print projects successful and stress free.


Mesh Direct can print and install jump form banners all over Australia. Jump form advertising is not only visually impressive but it also has the added advantage of being visible from further away, and by a larger audience.


Individual fence panels allow flexibility and movement of temporary fencing without having to uninstall and install a long banner. Individual fence panels are great for construction sites with temporary fencing.

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