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Why You Need Flame Retardant Mesh

January 30, 2019 / in Blog / by Louise Clark / No Comments

In the Australian climate having a signage material that is suitable for your construction site can be hard to find. A concern for many construction sites is if the material is suitable for the daily happenings and power tools. Flame retardant mesh is your answer to minimise any foreseeable risk.

High quality

Our flame retardant mesh is premium quality banner mesh. This means that it’s perfect for any outdoor signage solution, such as construction sites, events and large developments. It’s the best material for harsh conditions, as its durability and versatility make it the most suitable for any weather condition in Australia.

Can I use it for all surfaces?

Flame retardant mesh is durable, and can be applied onto many different surfaces. These types of surfaces include, temporary fencing, scaffolding or on fence poles.


It’s highly durable and therefore perfect for your project. It has a high quality print production and is UV stabilised to ensure it will last the duration of your outdoor project. Just like all of our signage solutions we can custom print to suit your needs, and create higher quality results as its thread count is higher than shade cloth. Our flame retardant mesh has also been tested for its flame retardant properties, and for its CSIRO wind rating, making it incredibly strong.


Installing flame retardant mesh is easy. With cable ties your mesh will be assembled  with metal eyelets and separated by 500mm at the top and every 1000mm at the bottom.

Our flame retardant mesh is the perfect choice for your project and meets the building codes and OH&S requirements. Additionally, it’s a great way to use your branding for a cost efficient advertising signage solution.


If you need more information about our signage solutions, or are not quite sure which material to use for your project than contact our team today on 1300 368 978.


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