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Which signage solutions are best for my building site or outdoor event?

January 17, 2018 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Since the dawn of the grand format print industry and modern print technologies, the construction and event industries have been taking advantage of free advertising and branding opportunities on a large scale. Building signage and outdoor event banners have been growing steadily in popularity as marketers look for cost effective ways of spreading their message.

Construction sites and property subdivisions need to have fence panels around their sites for security and dust protection. The fences tend to border roads giving great exposure to passing motorists and pedestrians. Organisers of musical events and sporting events also need temporary fencing for security and crowd control, creating huge canvases for advertising their own or other brands.

Mesh Direct’s signage solutions represent fantastic value for money branding opportunities. Our banner mesh, printed shade cloth and vinyl banners all offer different solutions and varying aesthetic results.

So, which printed banner material is right for your project?

With an extensive range of printed banner materials available, product knowledge and consideration of print quality, longevity and durability can assist you to select a printed banner material that is ideal for your brief.

Premium & Standard Banner Mesh

Banner mesh is the most popular product used within the printed banner industry with its high print quality and durability. It is less permeable than shade cloth and delivers great print reproduction whilst allowing for wind flow.

Printed banner mesh, also known as PVC-coated mesh, fence fabric, mesh banner and shade mesh is a versatile substrate which can be used on temporary fences, scaffolding, cyclone fences, billboards, wooden hoarding, containers and just about any application.

At Mesh Direct we sell two types of mesh banner, our standard (and budget-friendly) solution which is 9 threads per inch, and our premium solution which is 12 threads per inch. High wind-load and fire rated mesh is also available.

Budget mesh is terrific substrate for photo quality image reproduction at an economical price. It is priced just slightly more than shade cloth and the print result is a great deal better.

Printed (Full or Partial) Shadecloth & Plain Shade Cloth

Printed shade cloth is a budget solution which yields a high impact result. Shade cloth is a permeable substrate which allows wind to easily pass through. It is made from knotted monofilament high-density polyethylene which makes it a strong and durable substrate.

Otherwise known as scrim, fence mesh or fence fabric, signage is attached to scaffolding, temporary fences, chain wire fences or building facades. Shade cloth provides a good print quality whilst allowing wind flow with an expected lifespan of 12-24 months if handled and installed correctly.

Printed shade cloth is ideal for printing logos and text or block colours. Plain writing on a single coloured background works best. This type of scrim can make colours look washed out. The mesh material is very porous so imagine that you are printing on 50% material – 50% air. Black can look grey, dark blue will look mid blue. It is not recommended to print intricate images, logos or photographs as they do not reproduce well.

Shade cloth can be re-used but it can look a little tired if not installed properly. It is possible to wash any dirt off with water, although care must be taken not to use high pressure cleaners too closely as it may remove the inks.

Vinyl Banners/Vinyl Hoarding

Vinyl banners, otherwise known as PVC banners, produce a photo quality print result with its non porous solution. This has its advantages in the fantastic print reproduction but can limit the size of the vinyl banner because of stress loads from wind. Vinyl banners are ideal for building sites and in particular timber hoardings.

What really causes vinyl hoarding to stand out from other products is its outstanding print reproduction and quality. Dissimilar to banner mesh or shade cloth, the substrate is non porous meaning it provides a “what you see is what you get” result.

It is a perfect long term solution as the resistance properties of the PVC vinyl banner ensures an incredibly durable, fade resistant and long lasting product.

Vinyl hoarding banners are an incredibly flexible option in terms of size and can be produced to any size or length required, however, they will not suit all applications due to wind loads. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor conditions as they are fully UV stabilised.


For more information on our signage solutions, be sure to give one of our experts a call on 1300 368 978.

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Do You Need Anti-Graffiti Treatment For Your Mesh Banner?

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One of the unfortunate realities of utilising on-site signage solutions is that they can be exposed to the actions of passing vandals. It’s not uncommon, particularly in development areas to find graffiti sprayed across people’s temporary fence signage. While it’s incredibly unfair that our property gets damaged thanks to the selfish motives of others, measures can be taken to combat vandalism.

Graffiti vandals use a wide variety of pens, spray cans and other implements, all of which can be used directly onto mesh or solid vinyl substrates. The cost of graffiti removal can quickly run into thousands of dollars, if possible at all. To remove the graffiti you need to use a solvent which will most likely remove the ink your banner is printed with.

So when you’re purchasing a banner, you might want to think about taking precautionary steps to limit your risks of the costly effects of vandalism.

Here at Mesh Direct, we offer an Anti-Graffiti Coating, only the best graffiti protection provided by Adcoat Graphic Solutions. Adcoat Tuffcoat anti-graffiti coating is available in two variations which differ between levels of graffiti protection. Both are applied to signage after printing by a special liquid coating machine.

The anti-graffiti coating comes in both gloss and matt finishes. Not only does Adcoat Tuffcoat offer the ability to easily clean graffiti off printed banners but it creates an outstanding finish making images and text jump off the substrate.

Paying a little extra for the extra coating could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in cleaning costs, or replacement banners.

Nothing looks tackier than graffiti sprayed across a brand new development site or a business’ branding, so why not ask about our anti-graffiti treatment for your mesh banner?

Give us a call on 1300 368 978 and talk to one of our experts today.

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Temporary Event Fence Signage: 3 Reasons You Need It

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Here at Mesh Direct, we regularly supply some of the country’s biggest festivals and events with temporary event fence signage. These organisations use a range of our products, from premium banner mesh and shade cloth, to corflute and wind mesh. Numerous festivals and events know the value of utilising our temporary event signage, do you?

Read on for all the reasons you need temporary event signage for your next festival or event…

1. Brand recognition

One of the main benefits for using temporary event fence signage is covering it with your artwork, branding, logo and event details to create a sense of brand recognition.

You want people to be able to instantly recognise your colours, your logo or your event branding as soon as they see the temporary fencing. It makes your event look established and professional, as well as makes great backdrops in photos and social media posts from your guests.

This helps you create a universal look across your entire event site, giving your brand credibility.

2. Easy to install & reusable

Another great benefit of using our temporary event fence signage is that it’s easy to install. Made with metal eyelets and cable ties, just about anyone can install our banner mesh. You can check out our installation advice here to see for yourself.

Our banner mesh and temporary event fence signage is also reusable. It’s created with durable substrates and materials, ensuring that our clients can use it time and time again. This makes it particularly great for seasonal events, it can be installed, used throughout the event and then taken down and stored for the next event. It’s easily transported as well, also making it ideal for events that tour various locations.

3. Cover unsightly temporary fencing

Anyone who’s dealt with temporary fencing before knows how ugly it is. Metal poles and chain link fences don’t exactly scream ‘exciting event here’.

Yet another benefit of banner mesh is its ability to cover up unsightly temporary fencing with epic branding, colours and artwork. It has the dual advantage of showcasing your business or event, as well as creating a more visually appealing aesthetic in general.


For more information on our temporary event fence signage, give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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Banner Mesh Panels, the Future of Small Construction Project Advertising

November 22, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Here at Mesh Direct we see banner mesh panels as the future of small construction project advertising. We’ve spoken at length about how businesses should be utilising the space that temporary fencing provides as a way to get their brand name out there.

However, we haven’t talked in depth specifically about how banner mesh can work especially well for small businesses and small construction projects.

1. It’s affordable

One of the things we pride ourselves most on at Mesh Direct is being able to offer affordable signage and banner mesh to smaller businesses. We don’t see why the little guys should miss out on the benefits of construction project advertising, and so we do our utmost to ensure that our products are affordable on a budget.

Another aspect that makes our banner mesh panels so affordable is that they’re reusable across multiple projects and can be easily transported. Purchase our banner mesh panels once, and use them across a range of different developments and projects. You won’t find better value for money.

2. Creates brand awareness

Another reason why our banner mesh panels are the future of small construction project advertising is that they create brand awareness for your business. No matter how small your company or project, utilising mesh fencing is a fantastic way to establish a solid reputation.

With the right exposure, potential clients will begin to recognise your branding and will therefore be far more likely to trust your business, and be willing to take a risk on a new project with you.

3. Competes with bigger developers

Something that the bigger developers and construction companies always have is branded temporary fencing and banner mesh panels.

As a small construction business, if you’re able to utilise the same branding methods across your fencing and development site, this puts your business up in the same ranks as the more established and recognised businesses.

As our banner mesh panels are so affordable, this desirable outcome is far more achievable than you first might have thought!


For more information on how banner mesh panels can work for your small business, click here.

Alternatively, give us a call on 1300 368 978 and speak to one of our experts today!

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Top 3 Tips for Better Company Culture in Your Construction Business

September 20, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

Happy employees make a happy business, and if there’s one thing we do really well here at Mesh Direct (besides our premium products of course), it’s company culture. Our employees love coming to work, and this is one of the key factors that shines through as part of our brand representation, and makes our business stand out from the crowd.

Employees who are content at their workplace are far more likely to work hard for you, and as a business owner, you have a certain degree of social responsibility when it comes to your employees’ wellbeing.

Our director, Andrew Doenicke is especially skilled when it comes to building company culture, having founded and grown Mesh Direct from a team of two into a longterm team of 10+ employees in just two and a half years. So we sat down and asked him his top tips for nurturing employees and creating a fun working environment…

1. “Show interest in their interests”

One of the most common mistakes companies make, is not taking an interest in their employees’ interests and hobbies outside of work. Even something as simple as asking your worker how their weekend was can begin to foster a solid working relationship with your employees.

Discussing the latest TV shows, sports events or your social lives can often be a breath of fresh air at the office, and it acknowledges that your employees have a life outside the work they do for you.

2. “Socialise outside of work”

A major benefit to Mesh Direct has been that our team socialise regularly outside of work hours, it’s something that’s offered great opportunities for team bonding and building.

Organise a group outing – whether it’s happy hour drinks after work one evening, or something more active like go karting or a daytime barbecue, socialising out of the office is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. You’ll find that the mere effort is enough to make your workers feel appreciated.

3. “Create team challenges”

Another creative way we like to foster a positive work environment and company culture here at Mesh Direct is by introducing team challenges throughout the year.

These can be work goal driven or personal goals, but the idea is that you’re all in it together, as a team.

For example, at the beginning of this year, the Mesh Direct team made the decision to try living healthier lifestyles. The company brought in a nutritionist to speak to us about healthy eating and exercising, and now as a team, we’re checking in each week with our healthy eating progress. Our director, Andrew has set up a rewards system that keeps people motivated and interested in the challenge over a period of seven weeks.


These three tips aren’t rocket science, but making small changes like these in the way that you interact and work with your employees can make the world of difference when it comes to their happiness in the workplace.

A happier team ensures a much better company culture, no matter what industry you work in, and a better company culture ultimately results in a more successful business.

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How To Revamp Your Construction Business HQ

July 26, 2017 / in Blog / by Helen Scheuerer / No Comments

While our main point of focus here at Mesh Direct is the presentation of your construction site itself, we’re also aware that many businesses have offices and HQs to concern themselves with as well. This is the hub of your construction business, the place where you might meet with clients and potential contractors and new employees. You want your office to represent your company well, and make a strong and impressive first impression.

Many of us in the construction industry aren’t too familiar with the world of interior design and aesthetics beyond the basics, which is why we’re put together this quick guide on how to revamp your construction business HQ…

1. Use Luxe Walls‘ wallpaper

If you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into your tired office or workspace, Luxe Walls offers a great solution – removable wallpaper. Our friends over at Luxe Walls offer repositionable and removable wallpaper at an affordable price for those on a budget.

The best thing about their product is that it’s 100% customisable, so you can create any artwork you like and showcase it in your office. Perhaps you’d like to show off a new logo, or match the colour scheme of your business’ branding. Whatever look you’re after, Luxe is bound to be able to create the right look for your HQ.

Finally, another benefit of using Luxe Walls to revamp your office is the fact that their Canvas Wallpaper is 100% is removable, so you can update it whenever you like. You can check out their most popular designs here.

2. Use plants

One thing that’s regularly missing from the construction HQs and offices we visit is greenery. It’s amazing just how much of a difference one or two little plants can make to an otherwise drab space.

In fact, at the Mesh Direct office, we have a range of hanging vine plants that are suspended from the timber beams throughout the space. It adds a certain level of brightness and life to the space!

Adding plants to your construction business HQ is a simple and affordable way of sprucing up a tired space.

3. Get rid of clutter

There’s nothing worse than an office filled with unnecessary clutter. In our experience, much of this clutter is from documents and files that need to be organised and stored away appropriately. Nowadays, much of our paperwork is digitised, however we do on occasion need printed documents. Be sure that you’ve got an adequate filing system in place and it’s half the battle to a revamped workspace.

You’ll be amazed at how different an office can look without clutter.


Got your office sorted? Then it’s time to think about your brand representation on site. Check out our range of construction site signage solutions here, or give us a call on 1300 368 978 to talk about your options.


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