Banner Mesh: How to Avoid Pitfalls and Maximise Your Results

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With over a decade’s experience in the grand format printing industry, we like to think we know a thing or two about banner mesh. In today’s blog post, we want to delve deep into how to avoid the common pitfalls and how to maximise your results when buying and installing our products.

We’ve talked to our banner mesh experts and best installers to bring you these common pitfalls and their solutions…

1. Choosing the wrong size

One of the most common issues that we see when people are ordering banner mesh is that they order the wrong size for their fence. Most people assume that because their temporary fencing is 1.8 metres high, that the size of the mesh should be the same.

This is incorrect. When people choose 1.8m height for their banner mesh, it means that the mesh can look too baggy. It can rip more easily and generally compromises the overall look of your artwork and fencing.

We recommend 1.6 metre banner mesh. This gives you the space to pull the mesh taut and tight, which shows off your artwork, and generally looks a lot cleaner and more professional.

2. Not using every eyelet

Another common pitfall we see is people choosing not to use every eyelet on their banner mesh. This is practically asking for a bad install or for a shorter mesh life span.

The eyelets are spaced every 500mm on the top, and every metre on the bottom, and guess what? There’s a reason for this. If these aren’t used as directed, your banner mesh can sag or look like it wasn’t installed properly.

To get the best possible results be sure to use a cable tie for every eyelet.

3. Not following expert advice

Finally, another pitfall that frequents the grand format print industry is clients not following the advice of experts. We’ve had years of experience in printing on a large scale, and so we know what works with artwork, installs and the benefits of each product.

For example, if you have a highly detailed artwork that showcases a new property, we’ll suggest going with premium banner mesh. If you’re on a budget or you only need mesh for a one-off project, we might suggest standard banner mesh or shadecloth.

These recommendations are for a reason, and they’re always with the best interests of your business at heart. We want you and your business to succeed, so we make recommendations customised to your business and your goals.


Want more advice about on how to maximise your banner mesh results? Give us a call on 1300 368 978 to speak with one of our experts today.

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Case Study: IB Projects Building Wrap

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The building that previously housed some of Victoria’s most infamous criminals is set for a luxurious revamp. London-based Zaha Hadid Architects’ proposal won out against numerous other firms in an international design competition, and the company has since gone on to collaborate with IB Projects and Malaysian developer UEM Sunrise.

The development of the luxury apartment tower, The Mayfair, has proven even more significant since the passing of founder and arguably the world’s greatest female architect, Zaha Hadid, in March. It’s understood that this grand scale project is one of the last developed before her death, making it all the more meaningful in recent architectural history.

In the lead up to the development, IB Projects approached Mesh Direct and asked us to create the building wrap for The Mayfair in St Kilda, Melbourne…

When it comes to a project of this size, there are naturally a number of challenges to overcome. In this instance, the challenges included: a lack of existing scaffolding, an uneven face for the application of the wrap, and the sheer size of the wrap itself (what would become 50 x 40 metres). Plus the nature of the location; with St Kilda Road being a wind funnel, it meant that the safety of our installers was at stake.

Mesh Direct worked hard with IB Projects and the experienced installation team at Visual Exposure to create viable solutions. Together, we engineered and designed a custom frame in order to install the building wrap. This custom made frame created a flat surface for the wrap to sit against, ensuring that the artwork and branding displayed looked its absolute best. We also opted for eight smaller panels and more join points, which meant that the panels were attached more firmly to the building to combat against the high winds of the area.

It was important that the frame and mesh panels sat between the windows, so the accuracy of the planning and execution of the building wrap install was paramount. We worked closely with Visual Exposure to install the design via rope access, and had to ensure the safety of their abseilers.

Given that the install took place throughout July and August, Melbourne’s unpredictable seasonal weather conditions needed to be factored in. Abseilers faced wind, rain and storms during the installation of the building wrap, and so every safety precaution was taken to minimise risk and ensure peace of mind.

An additional part of this brief was that neon lights were required behind the building wrap. This meant another challenge was to line the lights up behind the panels, in order to give the structure a glamorous night look, and optimise the brand’s exposure throughout the later hours of the night. With much planning and careful installation, we were able to achieve this goal.

One of the final challenges we faced was getting the artwork 100% right for such a large scale building wrap. As we said, this banner spans 50 x 40 metres, you can grasp the scale of it by looking at the featured image above and comparing the banner to the size of the balconies on the left… The artwork needed to be high enough resolution at this size for maximum visual impact, so we worked with Zaha Hadid Architects’ designers to make sure that it transitioned from concept to final product as smoothly as possible.

The result of all this collaboration and hard work was an incredibly impressive building wrap that spans across one of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings. The wrap offers an amazing advertising opportunity, showcasing the upcoming unveiling of The Mayfair.

For more information on our building wraps, click here, or give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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Building Wrap for Gowings Building Sydney by Mesh Direct

Building Wraps: Changing the Face of Construction

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Here at Mesh Direct, we’re always looking for ways to reinvent the wheel when it comes to construction and development sites, and one product we’re incredibly proud of is our building wraps. Building wraps were originally more common in Europe, where at world-renowned tourist attractions, buildings needed repairs and maintenance but the local governments didn’t want to lose the tourism revenue. From Switzerland and Paris to Florence and London, using a building wrap became the solution that many organisations came to rely on.

This meant that things like scaffolding, equipment and unsightly construction sites were not such an eyesore in areas so heavily populated by tourists (and their cameras!). While construction and renovation work is often necessary, it’s not necessary that the building’s aesthetic suffers in the process.

A building wrap is essentially a large-scale canvas that acts as a ‘skin’ around the structure of a building. Whatever the look of the building’s facade, one of the massive benefits of using building wraps is they leave a truly memorable and magnificent impression on anyone who lays eyes on them.

Mesh Direct’s building wraps can be customised for each job, and can feature any artwork required. Some organisations (like in the tourism industry for example) opt to replicate the building’s structure on the wrap, so that at first glance, the building looks completely in tact. Other companies choose to add more colour to their skylines by featuring nature scenes – forests, flowers and animals to pique the interest of passersby.

Another popular option is to showcase advertising. Often construction and development sites are a missed opportunity to gain exposure for your business and services. Usually the structures where building wraps are utilised are in high traffic areas, which means there are plenty of people passing by to advertise to.

We’ve provided some big name brands with building wraps and development signage over the years, and pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products. Our building wraps boast sharp, effective print reproduction, making them ideal for use on high-rise buildings and developments. We’ve also got an in-house design team who have a real knack for creating impressive graphics for large scale signage in case you wanted assistance with creating your featured artwork.

Whatever your vision for your building wrap, Mesh Direct can bring your idea to life. We have the experience, the expertise and the equipment to take your dream from concept to reality. We’re able to offer a large range of options to our clients from direct to facade, applied to scaffolding or hoarding, temporary framing or a more permanent system. Mesh Direct can even wrap enormous windows or apply cut out vinyls, it’s completely up to you as our client.

For more information on how building wraps can work for your business or new development, be sure to contact Mesh Direct on 1300 368 978.

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Case Study: Meriton

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Mesh Direct was approached by Meriton to assist them with a large scale development and building wrap. Founded in 1963, Meriton is now Australia’s biggest residential apartment developer.

More than 70,000 apartments have been developed, designed and built by Meriton across Australia’s east coast. Additionally, Meriton is responsible for some of the highest residential towers in the Gold Coast, Sydney and Brisbane.

Naturally, Meriton has an impressive portfolio and offers sales and leasing, as well as property and strata management services. Meriton’s luxury accommodation brand Meriton Serviced Apartments spans across more than thirteen locations country-wide.

When Meriton began to develop their latest large scale construction site, they came to Mesh Direct for solutions to their scaffolding and high-rise development needs.

After much communication with the established brand, Mesh Direct provided the organisation with premium banner mesh in the form of north and south facing banners across the development.

Mesh Direct organised the design and printing of the large-scale banners for the high rise building and scaffolding. The building wrap was created and then transported to the construction site.

We had to use Ropetek and abseiling techniques in order to install the massive banners.

During the installation process, challenges arose due to the significant winds plaguing Parramatta at the time. While premium banner mesh offers great wind durability, the conditions were extreme and Mesh Direct worked extra diligently to provide Meriton with solutions to these unforeseen issues and challenges.

The result of this project was an impressive building wrap that withstood both the test of time and the blustering conditions of the high velocity winds.

Mesh Direct has maintained an ongoing relationship with the Meriton brand, and have since been commissioned to provide banner mesh for another large scale development.

If you’re interested to see how building wraps and large scale printing can work for your development, get in touch with us here.

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Banner Mesh Fence Panels - Allam Property Group

How To Build Your Construction Business with Branded Banners

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With the right artwork, branded banners have the ability to build your construction business and drive clients to commission jobs with your company. But how can printed signage contribute to your business’ growth and sales? We’ve got a number of tips you can use when it comes to getting the most from your branded banners.

1. Utilise advertising space

The beauty of branded banners, temporary fencing and hoarding is that they provide you with advertising space that’s either rarely or never utilised. These options give developers what would essentially be blank canvases and turn them into an opportunity for them to promote their business.

These areas are usually in high traffic zones, which are exposed to numerous people on a daily basis. Therefore, signage solutions like branded banners help get your business name and services out in front of a new audience, and potentially new clients.

Creating awareness for your brand is half the battle when it comes to attaining new, ongoing clients. Utilising advertising space on your existing construction and development sites is a great way to get your business out there.

2. Create a professional aesthetic

Whether we like it or not, we all judge the packaging of a product, and in the case of your construction business the packaging is the signage and fencing options you choose.

By opting for branded banners when it comes to your temporary fencing, it creates a professional and uniform look across the scope of your development, in addition to utilising any otherwise overlooked advertising space.

Creating a professional aesthetic provides your brand with social proof – it instantly looks more reputable, and provides a much stronger first impression to potential clients.

3. Opt for a range of signage products

Here at Mesh Direct, branded banners are just the beginning when it comes to our signage solutions. We offer a range of different mesh substrates for branded banners, but we also provide our clients with numerous other products, including: corflute, vinyl hoarding, alupanel signage, wind mesh and nature screens to name a few.

A range of different branded signage solutions in addition to your banners will help you achieve that uniform look and utilised all that overlooked advertising space. It will also ensure that your construction site is adequately adhering to safety signage requirements.


Still not sure how branded banners and signage solutions can help build your construction business? Give us a call on 1300 368 978 or drop us a line here.

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How-To: Use Contrasting Colours On Your Mesh Fencing

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When it comes to creating artwork for your mesh banners, we know not everyone is an artist or graphic designer. While we have an expert art department on hand at all times, we thought we’d share some insights into what makes great banner art, and how you can make your branded mesh products as eye-catching and impressive as possible.

One of the most commonly tried and tested techniques our designers themselves use is using contrasting colours. Contrast is something that should be featured on every design, no matter what it’s purpose is. Contrasting helps determine a hierarchy within the graphic, and shows the viewer which part of the image is the most important (usually the name of your brand, your logo or your website).

However, more than just making your brand name stand out, using contrasting colours within artwork creates layers of interest, and generally makes your artwork more aesthetically appealing.

So for those of you who aren’t artistically inclined, here’s a little breakdown on how you can use contrasting colours in different ways to make your brand’s mesh banner pop…

1. Use light and dark

When it comes to contrasting colours, this is probably the option that most people think of first: contrasting light and dark colours. For example: white and black, light blue and dark red, light coloured text on a dark background or dark text on a light coloured background.

This is definitely one way of making your brand’s logo or message stand out, and a method that is used to great effect with mesh banners and mesh fencing.

This technique helps make different aspects of your design more visible than others, and can be incredibly eye-catching, particularly in high traffic areas such as sidewalks and when featured on high rise buildings.

Our premium mesh banners have a fantastic print resolution that makes working with these types of colour contrasts incredibly simple and effective.

2. Play with temperature

When it comes to design, all colours are separated into three different groups based on their ‘temperature’: warm, cool and neutral. It’s obvious to some, but colours like reds, yellows and oranges are on the warm side, whereas blues and greens are categorised as warm colours. Finally, white, black and grey are considered neutral.

You can contrast the intensity of the same temperatures, or alternatively, contrast with warm and cool colours. It’s completely up to you and what suits the aesthetic of your business and brand.

Playing with contrasting temperature colours is another great way to create visually appealing branding for your business. You want to utilise the advertising opportunity that banner mesh offers, and using colour in clever ways is the ideal solution to making your mesh fencing as striking as possible.

Both our premium banner mesh and our standard banner mesh options are particularly suited to printing stunning, full colour designs on.

3. Experiment with monochromatic colours

Here’s where things start to get a little technical, but don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Using monochromatic colours essentially just means using the same colour of varying intensities. So you might use a range of different shades of blue, or a range of different shades of red.

This is probably the least popular of the three options, as it doesn’t always have the same intensity or impact as light & dark or contrasting temperature, however it’s still a good choice to consider when questioning your brand’s aesthetic.

No matter how you choose to use contrasting colour, Mesh Direct’s in-house design team and art department can help you achieve a sleek and professional look for your branded mesh products. Whether it’s for an event or a construction site, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

For more information on how we can make banner mesh and mesh fencing work for you and your business, don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call on 1300 368 978.

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Banner mesh durability

Printed Banner Mesh: Ultimate Guide To Common Terms

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When it comes to the utilising printed banner mesh in your construction business, the terminology and vernacular might take some getting used to. Which is why we’ve put together an ultimate guide to common terms used in the world of signage, mesh banners and shade cloth.

Banner mesh

If you’ve been considering the fencing around your construction site, you’ve probably heard the term ‘banner mesh’. Banner mesh is the material that covers a construction site fence. If a business is utilising it effectively, it often features branding, a logo and the business’ details.

Banner mesh is an incredibly effective way to increase your brand awareness, and is a great way to create uniformity across a construction or festival site. Our mesh is sold in an array of lengths and can also be purchased in individual fence panels. For more information on panels of mesh, visit our banner mesh fence panels page.

Banner mesh is a general term that encompasses three different types of mesh: premium banner mesh, standard banner mesh and wind mesh.

Premium banner mesh

As the name suggests, premium printed banner mesh is a type of banner mesh. Of our products, this is generally the most sought-after, as it’s highly durable and versatile. It’s also the banner mesh that provides the most stunning print results, while still allowing for that all-important wind flow.

This style of mesh fencing boasts PVC coated substrate which ensures that the ink from your print job is adequately absorbed, as well as provided UV protection.

Standard banner mesh

Standard banner mesh is our mid range fencing product. For those businesses on a tighter budget, this may be a more affordable than our premium option. While the print quality isn’t as good, it still offers an excellent structure, uniform look and print quality.

This product is incredibly easy to install, using simple cable ties and metal eyelets, making it a great temporary fencing solution for any event or construction site.

Wind mesh

Wind mesh is the final product in our printed banner mesh collection. It’s a product that’s specially made to withstand large wind loads and the harsh Australian climate.

This printed banner mesh is designed with a much more open weave, with perforated material that allows more wind to flow through the mesh. This puts less load and pressure on the structure to which it’s attached, making it and ideal solution for high-wind areas and construction sites. The fact that it’s a more perforated product means that the print quality isn’t as high as our premium banner mesh, however it still provides a professional finish.

Wind flow

When working out which printed mesh banner product is right for you, you may be asked to consider what the wind flow is like in your designated area.

Wind can have a major impact on how durable your mesh fencing is, and so if you’re planning on installing in a high wind area, you’ll need to opt for wind mesh, which as we mentioned above, has a more open weaved designed for this type of environment.

Building wraps

If you’re in the business of large scale developments, you may have come across the term ‘building wraps’, you may have even seen one for yourself.

Building wraps are extremely popular in Europe and America, particularly when it comes to landmarks undergoing maintenance or construction.

Traditionally, these wrap around the entire facade of the building, with a rendition of the building underneath. Alternatively, other companies opt for cityscapes, nature scenes, while some use it as an advertising platform for their brand.

Jump form signage

Another product in our large scale development arsenal, jump form signage is a great signage option to utilise throughout the building process. This is one of the first structures to go in place on the construction site, and progresses up the building as the scaffolding and building grows. It’s a super effective form of advertising due the high visibility of high rises and the long-term nature of the projects.

As the building grows, so does the scope for advertising and the potential for your brand to reach a larger audience.

Another advantage is that it not being situated on street level it is virtually vandal proof.

Vinyl hoarding banners

If you’ve got a thicker fence that’s more solid than a chain link fence, vinyl hoarding banners are the solution. These banners are attached to wood hoardings made from wood panel, this creates a strong surface, and provides an ideal background to allow for premium quality print on non-permeable signage.

This is a well-regarded option for urban areas, and is often used within shopping centres. It’s also ideal for crowd control in both large and small scale events.

Vinyl hoarding is so aesthetically pleasing that the Sydney City Council enforced that all hoardings be dressed with vinyl.

Alupanel signage

Alupanel signage is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of signage around the globe. This is made from a hard-core substrate that is used for permanent installations such as building signage, advertising and shop fronts.

It’s got an outstanding print reproduction and quality, and is ideal for long-term solutions. The alupanels hold resistance properties that make it incredibly suitable for outdoors. It’s chemically resistant, rustproof and waterproof, and is a relatively light-weight option, making it easy to install.

Shade cloth

Shade cloth is one of the most commonly used banner products used, and is incredibly versatile. Also known as ‘scrim’, it can be sold as plain (unprinted), partially printed or fully printed to suit your needs.

It can be completely customised to suit scaffolds, temporary fences, chain wire fences and building facades. It’s an adaptable and budget-friendly option for everything from construction sites to music festival fencing.

Mesh fence panels

Using printed banner mesh in fence panels, this product is perfect for temporary fencing on construction sites. Mesh fence panels provide a great amount of flexibility on site, and can be moved around easily as your construction site grows.

This type of mesh is also very aesthetically appealing, and makes any site look uniform and professional.

Corflute signage

Corflute signage is also often called corrugated plastic signage or corriboard. It’s a flat, rigid substrate that’s especially versatile. It can be used practically anywhere and is extremely easy to install on just about anything including walls, fences and hoarding.

At Mesh Direct, our corflute signage is fully UV stabilised and can last for years with the proper care. We use only the highest quality inks available and our corflute signage is printed directly onto substrate on 3mm or 5mm thick bases.


And there you have it! Our ultimate guide to printed banner mesh terminology. Still got questions? No problem, get in touch to talk to one of our experts.


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Media Wall, Photo Wall for Pony Fish by Mesh Direct

Media Walls – The Perfect Brand Promotional Tool For Events

November 15, 2016 / in Blog / by Jack Kemp / No Comments

Media walls are perfect for an extensive range of festival and event signage options and are your premier option for sponsor promotion and brand awareness. All events are unique and have their own style and what a better way to distinguish yourself from the crowd with a personalised and unique media wall to capture the audiences attention. The most common way event organisers are able to distinguish themselves is through a physical sense; through artistry and design they allow themselves and their sponsors memorable to their audience. Many events are flooded with sponsors that all want to get a slice of the attention and what a better way than to achieve optimal branding results than with media wall signage.

In an advertising sense, the use of media walls and event walls for festivals and events is that they generally see tens of thousands of people congregate to a small enclosed space or they have a huge television presence which gains exposure to the masses. There is often a large amount of physical areas with wasted space that could be occupied and used for advertising space in need of covers, media walls and bars or stand wraps along with many more. For sponsors they guarantee a large audience and exposure for their brand and/or message.

Versatility is of high importance and different sizes are often needed for different events. As a result there a varying sizes available to suit all events generally ranging from 2.3m (width) x 2.26 (heights) to 6m (width) x 2.26m (height). To ensure you get the right event wall option speak to the experts and various companies such as ourselves at Mesh Direct to have the right product for the right application.

Media walls have featured and become apart of the event landscape over the past decade and have been seen in some of the largest events in Australia. Events often have tough time constraints and as a result the media wall acquiring process has been perfected to adapt to time pressures and logistical constraints with supplying media walls for events. There are even event printing apps to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible.

Media walls are the perfect option for event and festivals such as brand and product promotions , concerts, product launches, theatrical, media walls for media events, sporting events, marathons, church events, school events and community events. All products created by companies such as Mesh Direct are produced from the highest quality inks and substrates using the latest print technology and are all printed here in Australia. They are companies that you can trust for all your media wall and banner solutions for events, not only to deliver on time, on budget and on spec, but they also pride themselves on providing fantastic service.

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Prospec - Printed Shade Cloth

How to Create a USP for Your Construction Business

November 01, 2016 / in Blog / by Doodles / No Comments

A USP (unique selling proposition) is the basis of effective marketing for any construction business, converting features of your company into key benefits that consumers will recognise. All aspects of your marketing system should pinpoint to your unique selling proposition; for customers to detect why you are different and better than the rest. Every business can benefit from having a USP, particularly new business owners. USPs help clientele identify your company as a reliable and professional source, contributing to profit.

A clear and creative USP will establish your business as the go-to business as the go-to resource for your clients needs and should be advertised in your website or printed banners with and eye-catching, easy to follow design; including testimonials and relevant images of your work. This reinforces who you are and what you do, generating reviews and referrals that will potentially lead to loyal clients. Your USP is what drives your company and ultimately the success of the business. All based around differentiation, USP’s require a reflection overview and discussion.

Questions that you should ask yourself are:
1. What characteristics and values does my business offer to construct a USP?
2. What makes my business more valuable and visible than your competitors in this highly ambitious market?

Although, for consumers to really grasp the concept of your USP, converting the features into benefits is key. This way they will understand what your service or product does, but also what they will gain from it; creating a better customer client relationship, therefore generating a sales lead. One way of forming a USP is to research your competitors and identify what they have to offer. This could give you a useful insight into their attitudes, politics and priorities. It is healthy competition, allowing all businesses to create and distinguish their very own USP, leading to a competitive advantage and greater profitability.

One of the most harmful things for a new business owner is not proposing a unique and creative selling proposition to their target audience, and researching their competitors to try and achieve this. In these selling points, besides from the obvious – ‘What do you offer and why are you different?’, you should talk about different angles of customers possible concerns or questions. This way you are tackling the situation head on, giving them all the information they need. Promotional and price strategies are always going to be the most common in the competitive market. However, the quality of the product or service you are promoting allows you to have a huge advantage; this adheres to the recognition or product recall of the company. When your objectives are clear and concise, your primary mechanism for your USP should include all forms of advertising on social media, local papers, and outdoor advertising.

With a USP you can expect to see changes form both the external and internal structure of the company. Generating more leads, trust and loyalty from your customers as they believe you are the best person to provide them with what they need. Internal changes include, more confident and focused staff members, which leads to a better planning system.

Use your unique selling proposition effectively, consistently and you are sure to see the results.

Mesh Direct are the leading suppliers of printed banners for the construction industry. We help construction businesses get their message and brand out there to generate much needed business. To find out more about our printed banners, please call us on 1300 368 978 to speak to one of our friendly team members or fill in an enquiry form here.

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