Container signage: making the most of a blank space

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Container signage has started to take off, with organisations using this as a grand point of advertising. This unconventional and out-of-the-box form of advertising presents companies with endless opportunities to let their creativity fly and ensure their brand stands out from the rest. At Mesh Direct, our team are experienced in designing high quality branding solutions for large projects and we know how to transform a blank space into anything but ordinary. We’ve worked on some great container signage solutions across a range of industries and we are dedicated to bringing our clients’ creative ideas to life.

So why should your company consider container signage?


Advertise in any location with Mesh Direct’s container signage. You can place our container signage in any location for optimal exposure, whether that be near a busy road strip or in a bustling shopping centre.

High visual appeal

Spruce up a boring shipping container and turn it into a prime advertising opportunity. Mesh Direct’s banner mesh and vinyl products are printed using the highest quality inks and substrates so that your brand will catch the eye of any passersby. 

Customisable design

We have worked with numerous companies to make their branding ideas appear larger than life with our container signage. We offer various materials to cater for your design needs, which includes our banner mesh and vinyl products. Our container signage solutions are easy to install and have a great print reproduction. We also have an in-house design team that can turn your creative ideas into works of art. 


Our container signage solutions are made to withstand the length of your project and depending on the material you choose, they can easily be reused. Our vinyl hoardings are incredibly durable and fire resistant, making them the perfect choice for your container signage.


If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your outdoor signage, give us a call on 1300 368 978 and talk to one of our experts today.


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